Thaksin still has not learned the word ‘NO’

Despite Thaksin’s influence being removed twice with two separate Coups in Thailand, Thaksin still has not grasped the concept of the word ‘NO’, we won’t let you be a dictator. So with word of Thaksin looking to set up a Government in exile getting ready to give it yet another try, it is clear beyond any level of common sense that only a psychopath would not have learned to give up this quest.

In a previous entry we titled “Dictators and Psychopaths”, we outline the relentless drive of these people who refuse to listen to common sense and drive on endlessly for their single minded goal. In this case Thaksin has without doubt shown he fits that profile exactly, and that also says there is only one thing that will stop him, and that is his funeral fire.

So faced with the reality that Thaksin will never stop, it means Thailand must take a proactive approach, and not a reactive approach against Thaksin. With Thaksin making a statement to the Coup leaders to ‘Return Happiness‘ to the Thai people, many Thais instantly translated that into an invitation to kill him as nothing would make many Thais more happy than being rid of Thaksin.

Thaksin has also lost touch with reality and his arrogance has now become his worst enemy. Just nine months before the 2014 Coup, Thaksin was poised to consolidate power by restructuring the Senate, and to ram through an Amnesty bill that would have freed him from his criminal convictions and returned his court confiscated ill gotten money of some 46 Billion Baht. But because he was impatient and his rice pledging scheme was on the verge of collapse, Thaksin made the proverbial Hail Mary pass and the ball was dropped because of interference.

This all eventually deteriorated until Thaksin’s arrogance finally pushed the Military’s last button of patience and a Coup was called in the presence of what was left of his Pheu Thai Party (PTP) Government. Now the Military is in the process of removing Thaksin’s influence in Thailand once again, however this time it looks to be more intense than the 2006 Coup as Thaksin owned businesses look to be confiscated in an attempt to dry up Thaksin’s money.

Now for normal sane people this would be a nightmare on the order of getting evicted from your house, losing your job and facing criminal court all at the same time. Much of Thaksin’s wealth still flows from companies in Thailand. So if the military was to take over all of them, Thaksin would need to rely on sources of income outside of Thailand. But even this strong message does not get through to Thaksin, and he continues on. Most likely he is just adding names to his Disappear from the face of the Earth list and looks to reclaim these companies just as he looks to reclaim 46 Billion Baht that the court confiscated.

But it does not end there. Thaksin looks to start a civil war in Thailand with the more radical wing of the Red Shirts leading the way. This has been his fallback plan for some time, and the military is working hard to see that does not happen. As a result, many Thais accept the restrictions imposed in the post Coup Martial law including a curfew as a small price to pay to be rid of Thaksin.

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