Who reads Connecting the Dots

We normally do not like to blow our own horn, but in this case it was more of self curiosity as to where are readers have come from since we started in April 2008. Fortunately our hosting service keeps a nice tidy record of who what where and when. We were surprised at what we discovered, and how trends influence readers to visit.

Our biggest consistent readership comes from the United States with up to 1000 visits a day. They have accounted for about 30% of our total traffic.

The next seems to be from The European Union English speaking countries, followed by Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Collectively they make up about another 25% of our total traffic.

The Next biggest group is from China, and they are constantly reading our newest cached translated pages. Occasionally they do spike and have more reads than the United States. That is particularly so when what we write about has information that involves China and Thailand potential business trade. Needless to say Thaksin Shinawatra has a lot to do with that as he can seriously influence that market by causing turmoil in Thailand. On average China makes up about 20% of our readers.

The next biggest group is the non English speaking countries from the European Union, and they make up about 10%. They are clearly influenced by the topic and are not regular readers. Russia is also included in this group as there is a significant Russian population in Thailand.

Surprisingly only about 6% of our readers come from Thailand, but that is an average from 2008. From time to time there is a significant spike and on a few given days, 25% of our readers come from Thailand.

The rest comes from every place else in the world, with the lowest percentage coming from South American countries. Interestingly enough when we Talk about Thaksin Shinawatra we get reads from United Arab Emirates and only when we talk about him.

Most of our readers are focused on our predictions, and we have a few pages that get high reads every single day. For the most part those pages are timeless, meaning they are not focused on a specific time or place, but they provide good general information that is unchanged by time.

The most interesting self discovery is that we are helping people by providing likely scenarios of how things will unfold. It is clear that our predictions are given value. With our record high thus far of over 125,000 unique visitors a month, we feel good that we in some way can make a worthwhile contribution.

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