US Government diverting the issue on Edward Snowden

There are still two sides on how people in the US feel about Edward Snowden. One side sees him and offers high phrase. The other side sees him as evil and a traitor. But of late, the Government has been working very hard at changing the focus and narrowing the view to win support.

The US Government clearly wants to limit the discussion to the harm Edward Snowden has done. Point be said, if that was the only part of the issue, they would have near unanimous support by Americans. However that is not the case, and with the outpouring of support for Snowden, it most certainly seems like an up hill battle.

Turning Edward Snowden into a demon is obviously part of the US Government’s game plan. If you set up a Google feed on news about Edward Snowden, you will see a continuous onslaught of highly suggestive news articles. It is simply a straight forward psychological propaganda attack meant to erode support for Snowden. One recent article was titled “Russian Spies targeted Snowden for 6 years”. Needless to say that either demonstrates the ability of US intelligence, or it is just a planted story and you are welcome to decide on that as to what one as there is no other reason we can find for the spin.

The point is, the US government was not only spying on potential threats to the US and it’s interests, they were and still are spying on honest, loyal and patriotic Americans. To put it another way, the US Government was digging for potatoes with a nondiscriminating 230,581 Lbs Caterpillar D11 Bulldozer digging up everything there was to get.

So without doubt, this is clearly a move to change the topic, and sooner or later they will either invent something or hit on something that will strike a nerve with Americans. However being one year since this all unfolded, if there was some dirt on Snowden, it would have already been discovered and exploited. So that more or less leaves inventing something or using half truths by taking things out of context.

The bottom line is the US Government messed up by allowing the NSA free reign to do what it wants. For that there must be a price to pay and placing the blame on Snowden just does not cut it. That simply amounts to a threat from a convicted person towards the witness who provided the evidence that lead to their conviction. Needless to say that is something every parole board must consider.

Much of the argument is on secrecy documents that Snowden signed. It is fair to assume that after Snowden signed the documents, he correctly concluded they were meant to hide wrongdoings and offences against the American people. If that is the case, a court may dismiss the documents as part of an unconstitutional conspiracy to violate the rights of Americans. That would leave the US Government without a case against Snowden.

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