Thaksin in the Junta’s cross hairs

Piecing together bits and pieces in the news from different stories, it is clear the Thai Junta knows full well Thaksin is and has been the cause of Thailand’s problems for many years. So in no uncertain terms the Junta has told Thaksin to back off as there is already evidence of Thaksin gathering steam for his next round. Unfortunately that will not stop Thaksin but only alter his attack plans to neutralize the military first.

For most people, hearing from the military to back off is enough to make them comply. But as Thaksin has already shown all the signs and behaviors of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) those warnings go unheard, and they are instead processed as a challenge as something that stands in the way of his goals. That once again brings people to the inescapable conclusion that Thaksin will not stop of his own accord and more permanent intervention is needed.

So reading the message the Junta is saying to Thaksin is you are out of the game and calling him an outsider. It also implies that if he continues he will be a direct target and any of his accomplices as well who are inside Thailand. But as Thaksin does not care about the people that help him, it is up to the common sense of those people who would help Thaksin to consider the consequences if they do. After all for what it is worth, this is the first time Thaksin has been singled out like this by the military top brass.

In the 2006 Coup, Thaksin and his government were the target as they were in Thailand. But now in 2014, the Coup was caused by Thaksin who has not set foot in Thailand for many years. As absurd as that sounds, that is essentially the case. That is testimony to the level of persistence with someone who displays the behaviors of NPD. Having Thailand for his own is the center focus and goal, and based on past behavior that includes pushing aside the Royal family.

So looking at what the Junta may do is provide harsh penalties for people who provide aid to a fugitive and in specific Thaksin. What that would involve is hard to say, but as long as Martial Law is in effect, it is up to the military court with no chance for appeal. If we were to offer a guess, at least a year in jail to provide significant time to think about helping Thaksin again. Helping Thaksin contributes to the political divide so harsh penalties make sense.

So by making Thaksin a hot potato, there is a chance that would limit his ability inside Thailand. However that would simply make Thaksin turn to potential resources outside of Thailand like trying to court other governments to pressure the Junta and sway opinion of the general public who is not well versed on Thailand’s political woes. That is why the Junta is making a concerted effort and a preliminary strike to inform other governments of the underlying reasons for taking extreme action of a Coup before Thaksin puts his spin on it with lobbyists.

Needless to say, this all points to a well thought out plan with input from psychologists with a focus on neutralizing Thaksin. Fixing the damage Thaksin caused and making Thaksin impotent for future attempts is all part of a well thought out plan driven by necessity.

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