Thai Coup an upgrade

From outside of Thailand the title of this entry could easily cause a WTF. But if a person has been living in Thailand for the past year, they would see the title as an accurate assessment. So when you look at the response to the Coup by the United States and the European Union along with a few other countries, the people living in Thailand would be saying WTF is going on with them.

This is a perfect example that a one size fits all Government policy simply does not fit all. That policy is triggered by the word Coup and nothing else. The people in Thailand are grateful the military has stepped in stopping the escalation to possible civil war. For the most part they have acted like a parent calling a ‘TIME OUT’ over squabbling children.

Secondly the top General who actually called the Coup is the most popular pick for interim Prime Minister. He has been open, honest and truly working in the best interest for all Thais in Thailand and abroad. This is something not seen in Thailand for many years if ever. That is delightfully refreshing to everyone in Thailand, and especially for foreign companies that have set up shop in Thailand who’s patience has been worn thin by excessive corruption in Thailand’s political ranks. That includes companies from the United States and the European Union along with a few other countries that have an issue with the ‘C’ word name of Thailand’s upgrade.

As The Kingdom of Thailand is a sovereign country and military intervention seems to be what the vast majority of Thai people want, it seems a bit intrusive for other countries to be applying one form of punishment or another on Thailand. When viewing this from a third outside informed point of view, it just seems so wrong.

The Thai people know that the Coup is a necessary step to proper democracy as things have gotten so out of control. There was not a single person in Thailand be they Thai or foreigner who did not suffer some damage from the political turmoil that the Coup abruptly ended.

This brings us to the flawed wisdom that doing things by the book is always the best. Clearly that is not the case as sometimes the worst tasting medicine provides the best cure. But in this case to the people that know what is going on, the Governments that are punishing Thailand are the ones that look like fools and worse looking than the Coup making Generals.

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