Thailand’s old school politics ending

For what it is worth, it seems Thailand’s old school politics are coming to an abrupt end. The only concern is corrupt Thais with enough power to stymie political reform may somehow be successful as there most certainly is an ample supply of corrupt politicians.

Thailand is now entering the second phase of reform with the creation and royal endorsement of a new body of law makers who’s goal is to lay down some tough punishing anti-corruption laws. Those laws will greatly shorten the time from charge to conviction to incarceration from years on end to just months.

But as expected there is already moaning in the wings from the corrupt Thais who can foresee the changes will have teeth and will do some permanent damage. Having to be honest and make an honest living most certainly does not appeal to them.

But even that this new body of lawmakers is just a few days old, there are already rumors floating about meant to destabilize them and cast doubt into their intent. For now this is the only tool the corrupt have, and even then as Martial law is still in place, the starters of these rumors face jail if their behavior is deemed by the court as being deliberately malicious.

Even Thaksin from the sidelines has indicated he does not plan to give up and is simply waiting for the military Junta to back off a bit. This is no surprise as we predicted this and it is right on schedule. But with all the efforts focused at ending Thaksin’s influence, it is easy to spot Thaksin’s narcissistic never give up behavior.

By ending the old school ways of Thailand’s politics and bring in a more western model of government geared to fight corruption, Thailand will be more toxic to corrupt Thais. It has already been proven that Thaksin can not do business in countries that have a low level of corruption as simply business association with Thaksin draws scrutiny on those who have dealings with him. In short Thaksin’s business model only works where corruption flourishes.

It is yet to be seen what the anti-corruption legislation will look like as some of the proposals offer extreme punishment that include the death penalty. Those punishments are much more extreme than the top ranked countries like New Zealand and so on. With anti-corruption laws that provide the death penalty as a punishment, Darwin’s theory of evolution seems to come into play as only the most dim-witted politicians would dare risk that level of punishment.

So the next few months will set the tone to see how the pro and anti corruption groups will position themselves. Connecting the Dots is leaning towards expanding the number of people working for counter corruption bodies to reduce the time before investigations start, and also expand the number of courts to process the corruption cases. Without that, the new laws will become bottlenecked waiting for court dates as the number of cases will no doubt increase. In any event, the old school is closing and the new school is about to open.

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