Female sex offenders Part 2

There are other types of female sex offenders as well, and some are just into it for money and exploitation. For this group of female sex offenders, their behavior clearly triggers the instinctual behavior to protect the young that is seen in many species and not only human. It is that same instinct that makes it difficult for pedophiles to survive in prison as there are parents in there too.

When you hear the term ‘Human Trafficking’ several images come to mind. Some images see children working and some see them in the sex trade. In either case the environment they are in is negative and they are providing a service to one or more criminals who very electively ignore laws that protect children. In this case the women who deal in sex trafficking are not pedophiles but they see themselves as business women that can provide supply of a sexual commodity for the demand and make a profit from it. To them age is not important as they can provide young people of either sex both above and below the local age of consent.

Talking to a psychologist, Connecting the Dots asked what type of person is likely to do this. Their reply was straight to the point in saying people who have ‘Antisocial Personality Disorder’ seem to fit the bill. They lack the desire to create social bonds and when they speak about things they are straight to the point and have little concern if they hurt someone’s feelings. So for them they simply don’t see the human element and see only a marketable commodity.

But to think that this only happens in Southeast Asia, you would be completely wrong. Many of the female sex offender stories of this nature come from the US and the UK and even Australia. In some cases a foster mother or a step mother are caught in the act of hooking up pedophiles with children under their care. Because the child sees the mother parent figure encouraging this sexual behavior, it becomes a crime that will see the child undergoing months if not years of emotional counseling to get past this breech of maternal trust.

In other closely related sex crimes that women are the criminals involve examples like a mother who was a ‘cheer mom’ for her daughter’s cheer leading squad. She was caught having sex with a 17 year old classmate of her daughter’s who was a football player. Although the 17 year old was of the age of consent, the laws of that state made it a crime because of the age difference. Apparently for someone of the age of consent but still under 18, only sexual contact with someone not more than 4 years older is OK.

It is no doubt that story is controversial, and your local culture will either make you see it as a crime or the state simply going too far. In Thailand, seeing a 18 year old woman hanging on the arm of a plus 50 year old man is common. And also true but less obvious a 18 year old young man on the arm of a 50 year old woman. This is totally acceptable behavior in Thai society. In the cheer mom case mentioned in the above paragraph, she was 42 years old and the case was in Pennsylvania USA.

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