Muslim extremists creating new religion

If there was ever a topic that could start off as a cool and collected conversation and then turn into raging anger in just a few sentences, it is the topic of Muslim extremists. The global anger towards them may now be at the point that they could be sealing their own fate. The kicker to this, is the near unanimous opinion of the general public that includes rank and file Muslims that bringing a violent end to the Muslim extremists is both warranted and overdue.

The debate if these extremists are actually following the Muslim religion or not is a topic that needs exploring. For the most part extremists are shunned by the Muslim rank and file as well as most Muslim Clerics that have the respect of the world. So we could fairly easily say they are not following the Muslim religion and have created a sub religion that is loosely based on some Muslim religion structure that is centered around violence.

Perhaps that logic may be more accurate than not. History has shown that religions do splinter from time to time and create a new religion. That logic also tends to not condemn Muslims who are just everyday people who go to work, have families and dreams the same as people from other religions. So if we were to use that logic and have it endorsed by the proper people being religious heads and heads of state, it provides the social mechanism to sort the good from the bad.

So if this new religious group can be isolated and seen as a threat to all people in other religions as well as atheists, there would be few opposed to the idea of bombing them into extinction. After all if they lack reason, there is no chance for rehabilitation. It seems Guantanamo Bay in Cuba has already proven that point that when a detainee gets released, they are back on the front lines just as soon as they possibly can be to pickup where they left off.

ISIS is perhaps the straw that has or will break the Camels back. They are just all about killing and every other thing your parents taught you not to do. The closest thing that they resemble is a cross between a satanic cult and an army of psychopaths who thrive at killing their own species.

So is seems the best thing people can do at this point is to push for the recognition that this is a new religion. It provides both a political and practical solution. That is done by contacting governments and religious leaders. You may be surprised as to how well the idea is received if enough people push for it. After all it provides the chance to actually do something and not just be angry about it with nothing to swing at. Once that first step is done, the likelihood of a global effort to bring this to an end is much more likely as few countries have not had a taste of this new religion and their handiwork.

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