2015 Year of the Extremist

2015 is less than a month old, and already the news has recorded over 2000 people killed in violence related to extremists that is loosely based on the Muslim religion. Each year the level of violence is growing, and has now become so big, it is an issue heads of state must deal with, and not someone in some agency or ministry.

To get pushed to the highest level of Government that has and is calling on military forces to combat it, simply underscores how big the problem is. If you stop and think about the types of things the military gets called on to deal with, you will see they only come out for the big things that local Government can not handle.

So if you consider that heads of state are involved in fighting these extremists, simple logic dictates that the number of extremists is growing, and also the problem is much more dire than what is being fed to the media. The approach of ISIS is not to deal with checkpoints and barriers that surround each country, but to use the Trojan Horse approach and motivate people who are already on the inside.

So motivational websites encouraging those who are disenchanted with their Government to join, is both a recruiting tool and attack tool to motivate people to commit terrorist acts. That has never been before and that is the reason things are getting worse so quickly.

The down side of this is only a police state has the ability to stop this, and unfortunately a police state will simply motivate more people to join terrorist groups. It is truly a double edge sword if there ever was one. So the problem is one poison must be used to kill another poison.

The other approach is to simply bomb ISIS and other terrorist groups into extinction, and few if any people would have a problem with that. Extremists have become so bad, Pakistan reversed it’s moratorium on the death penalty the day after a school was attacked and nearly 150 children were killed as a form of revenge. That simply says, the bar has been put at such a point that only the most docile would oppose the death penalty when it comes to dealing with extremists.

The trend says it will get worse before it gets better, so everyone needs to be more vigilant and alert to potential threats. Paris has shown that a lot of blood can be spilled in a few minutes with just one or two terrorists. Having a huge rally with heads of state marching hand and hand in Paris is just a feel good event. Unfortunately terrorist and extremists will read that as a sign of weakness, and only bombs and bullets heading in their direction will give them pause.

So as unfortunate as it is, people being killed by extremists will become more and more commonplace in the news, and more and more people will be motivated for one side or the other. The only answer seems to be the approach Saddam Hussein had, and that is to be feared by both the good guys as well as the bad guys.

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