Spotting a backwards Government by their position on gays

Most of the world now accepts sexual attraction as a non-elective behavior. Science has proven it all comes down to genetics and how the brain is formed that dictates what gender a person is attracted to. So for a Government to openly attack gays in any way form or fashion, it simply shows how backwards they are as they demonstrate thinking that is not of today’s understanding of what causes people’s attraction to one gender or another, or to both.

To put this in other terms, it is like punishing a child for catching the flu. The child most certainly did not volunteer to be sick, yet they are being punished as if they did. It truly is that level of ignorance that is displayed when one Government or another goes after gays for something they had no control over.

Without naming names of countries because each country has different views, this entry looks to make a gradient scale in their behavior towards gays. For example the United States Government has just made a major shift in their approach towards gays, however much of the religious center has yet to accept it. Challenges in court against allowing gays to wed is clearly based in religion and not in constitutional rights. So in this case it is hard to pick where the United States actually stands. So as finding the center of gravity of Americans as a whole is difficult without putting it in a general poll. In this case the United States Government has not become pro or anti gay, they have just started to provide gays equal rights the same as people who are not gay.

However on the extreme anti gay end of the ignorance spectrum, there is the ‘Shoot them on sight.’ countries, and on the other end of the spectrum, there is the ‘We don’t see what the issue is.’ attitude. The negative behavior towards gays has a negative effect on how the country is viewed, and that can result in political pressure in the form of deprivations otherwise known as sanctions.

So if you confront someone who is anti gay, it is fairly easy to back them into a corner with a series of questions that they ultimately can’t answer. Their answers are fairly predictable if you ask them in a way that compares themselves to a gay person. Because you are only asking questions, it is non-confrontational. However they will eventually either concede or get angry and storm off because they don’t want to answer a question that will prove them wrong. If it is the latter, you just remind them that you are only asking questions because you are confused about how they arrived at their anti gay viewpoint. At the very least you will cause them to think because they will be answering questions that even to them their answers sound illogical.

Q) So are attracted to the opposite sex?
A) (Some positive answer).
Q) Do you think you could be attracted to the same sex?
A) (Some negative answer).
Q) Even if you tried very hard?
A) (Some negative answer).
Q) Can you electively choose things in your life like what to do and where to go?
A) (Some positive answer).
Q) So you see yourself as normal in your ability to choose things?
A) (Some positive answer).
Q) And you are comfortable with your choices, is that right?
A) (Some positive answer).
Q) So do you think gay people can choose to be attracted to either sex?
A) (Some positive answer).
Q) So does than mean they are better than you because they can do things you can’t?
A) (Some negative answer).
Q) So how do you explain that they can choose and you can’t?

About here it starts to all fall apart for them as no matter how they answer it causes a logical paradox. It is also about here that the people who can’t stand to be proven wrong tend to blow a unit and storm off. In either case you have only asked questions and have forced them to identified flaws in their viewpoint. You have also cause them to think, and that was the reason for the exercise. It may take them some time but eventually they will conclude that being anti gay is just showing ignorance and that their thinking is backwards. The additional point is this is all backed up by proven science, and that no longer makes it an opinion but instead scientific fact.

So if they have not had a meltdown by this point you can continue.

Q) How does your viewpoint compare with proven scientific findings about gender attraction?

By here they may start to ask you questions like ‘What scientific findings?’, or asking for additional elaboration. If that happens you have succeeded in opening their mind to a higher understanding about gays. Also by doing that you have taken a step in making the world a better and more understanding place.

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