Thaksin’s renewed old strategy playing out again

As Thaksin and his team have been silenced by Thailand’s martial law, they have once again employed others to do their work for them. By seeking out reputable people to speak for them they have succeeded in getting past the junta’s mute button.

There are dozens and dozens of movies that depict the bad guys tricking the good guys to stand up for them or to do things for them. There are biblical references to being tricked into freeing the devil, and there are real life examples as well. Con men employ this trickery all the time and could care less who they use to get what they want.

In this case as for the most part democracy has been put on hold in Thailand. The reason for this is the bad guys are trying to use the spirit of democracy to continue raping the country’s coffers. The thing that makes it most interesting is the vast majority of Thais are happy to temporarily give up some freedoms if it is needed to deal with the corrupt.

However the outsiders that have been employed by the Thaksin camp are simply looking at democracy as something that is to be fought for. It is the people’s choice that is the heart of democracy. So to pressure the Government to lift martial law is like asking to let Satan out of his cell.

But those from the outside crying democracy are looking past one thing. According to the polls and the results have been fairly consistent, the Thai people knowingly and willingly temporally gave up some freedom because they knew it was needed to bring corruption under control. Although they did not vote on it, common sense said it was the right thing to do considering the nature of the troublemakers. Even foreigners living in Thailand from countries with long standing democracies agree with the need to temporally give up a few rights to stop the corruption.

However the pro Thaksin camp does not want supporting outsiders to take that close of a look. They just want them to only focus blindly on democracy being suspended and to pressure the Government to restore it.

However even human behavior can understand the need to be adaptive to solve a problem or to fix something. After all when the need arises anything can be used as a hammer. In this case suspending democracy is that adaptive hammer that will allow powerful and punishing laws to be installed to deal with the corrupt by letting the corrupt exterminate themselves the moment they step out of line. So to give up democracy for a while with that being the end reward, it is very hard do deny it is worth it.

To better understand this you need to think as a Thai does. In General Thai people don’t like to be aggressive towards others. For the most part they are loving and caring Buddhists. But when a criminal self exterminates it doesn’t even go against the teachings of Buddha, and that becomes a win, win situation for the Thai people.

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