Yet another Birthday

It’s hard to believe we have been around since 2008, but here we are. We are officially 7 today and still have plenty to talk about.

When we first started, there was a new entry every day, but now we have slowed down a lot. We know we are popular and still get plenty of traffic. Even our hosting server lets us know periodically we have gone over our resource limit. But perhaps the most important thing we can say about ourselves is what is posted here is still as true and relevant as it was the day it was posted.

Our very first post talked about global warming and food shortages. The only thing that has changed is the term global warming has been replaced with the term climate change, and oh yes less food to go around as crops are being lost wholesale. The fact that the entire state of California is now rationing water speaks volumes.

Our political views and predictions have slowed down, but that does not mean we have been silenced or have gone away. As our niche is about predicting what will happen, our predictions are still playing out and our accuracy is still in the 75% to 80% range. When the political gears shift, rest assured you will find new posts here outlining what is likely to happen next.

As for our future, much has to do with available free time. There have been some changes behind the scenes, and that means changes in resources for research. As available time to create an entry is being limited, we are being more select on out posts.

In summary we are still here and stand out from the pack as we rarely rehash topics but instead talk about tomorrow’s news today.

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