Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 2

To everyone who is fed-up with political correctness Donald Trump has become their new champion. There is little that can be said to stop him and his approval rating and stance in the polls between other Presidential contestants says it all. However as much as this looks good for the anti-political correctness movement, there is another reason he is doing so well.

Before Donald entered the race for President, views of him were mixed. Most everyone knew who he was and how he made his money, but now everyone on the planet is sitting up and taking notice. Even his campaign has started to market that political correctness is nothing more than a sign of weakness at the best and a handicap at the worst.

Connecting the Dots sees 3 reasons so far Donald is doing so well. The first is Donald is a ‘Get it done’ business man, and with Washington stalled with all kinds of fighting between political viewpoints he seems to be the kick in the ass Washington needs.

Secondly Donald speaks the truth, and that matches what people see with their own 2 eyes. Donald does not do the politically correct political doubletalk that sounds good but has about the same value as wet toilet paper. For the most part this leaves the other Presidential contestants like fish out of water. For them to go one on one with Donald, they too must become politically incorrect, and that is a line of taboo they dare not cross. Simply put the truth is not politically correct.

The third is political correctness is totally unnecessary. It is a product of Orange county California, that itself is an artificial world of prim and proper. That is why counselors and therapists have thriving practices there. Much of people’s lives there evolve around being artificial and that amounts to self-induced stress and anxiety.

So when you combine all of that you see the Donald Trump juggernaut. The attacks of the politically correct looking for Donald to make apologies for what he said are more or less being told to find a therapist if you can’t cope with the truth. Predictions that he has damaged himself are based on political correctness and so far they have been proven wrong. What is being said in the poll data says Americans are fed up and Donald resonates what they feel and see.

So as we have decided to turn this into a series, (and a good one at that) we will avoid putting our foot in our mouth and see how this all continues to unfold.


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