Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 3

People are saying that with Donald Trump’s full on attack of political correctness, his numbers in the polls should be dropping, however the opposite is true. The real reason his poll numbers are going up is very simple. Donald has connected with who we really are and not what political correctness wants us to be.

In reality this phenomenon goes past politics and everything we consider that sets us apart from the other creatures we cohabitate this planet with. This is all about our basic instincts that include our survival instincts and where we position ourselves in the pack. In other words, we are responding to the Alpha male who leads us all.

All the projections and predictions that Donald will fall, fail, or simply shoot himself are not coming true. The reason for that is the formula that those conclusions are coming from is based on political correctness. But as political correctness is not our natural behavior or environment, the flaws in using formulas based on political correctness are apparent as the polls show who we really are.

This is all very basic and we were all taught this in school. We see every animal on this planet sort out who is the Alpha and who is not, and we are no different. The one difference we have as humans is the ability to reason that there can be several Alphas all coexisting at the same time. Each Alpha has their own area. For example an Alpha in problem solving is different than an Alpha in teaching or science.

In this case Donald Trump is showing he is an Alpha by not being influenced by people who look to manipulate him. Every attempt to shut Donald down has been based in using political correctness to try to shame or embarrass him. That has the same effect of screaming at cement to make it dry faster, the cement and Donald just don’t care.

So if you consider political correctness as a cage that restricts who or what is in it, all the other presidential candidates less perhaps Hillary Clinton are in that cage. That puts everyone in the cage as subject to manipulation, and that is most certainly not what we want to see from a President of the United States. Americans complain that big business controls government, and that is one of the things Donald Trump is immune from as he is funding his own presidential campaign, and that is a true sign of an Alpha. People that can be manipulated or controlled are not Alpha, they are Beta at best.

So as direct and in your face as Donald is, we respond positively to that as nature intends us to. Alphas don’t only lead, they protect as well. We see that every attack on Donald is an attempt to manipulate him, remove his Alpha status and place him in the cage of political correctness with the other Betas, and that is why the polls show Donald in the lead. Our natural instincts are just as hard wired as our sexual identity, and that is rooted far deeper than the self-imposed artificial world of political correctness.


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