Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 5

Despite all predictions of self-demise for not being politically correct, Donald Trump has not only survived but is the leader of the pack. So for all the people than aspire to send political correctness on its way and to just see it become a foolish part of American history, Donald has become an icon to them.


As the republican presidential bid continues, things will simply become more critical as more scrutiny is applied to each candidate. In almost every case a common sense approach beats out a politically correct approach. That is one of the reasons Donald is staying ahead of the pack. Others are afraid to say something that may be a bit disturbing to others, but the simple fact is all medicine does not taste good, and we must all take it when we are sick despite how nasty it tastes.


But at this point on Donald’s presidential campaign a transition is starting to occur, and doing so at an increasing pace. That transition is that political soundness is taking a more and more important roll. When the first voting in Iowa takes place, people will be looking at the soundness of his policy, and in particular foreign policy. This has proven to be President Obama’s weakest point. In order to keep a political promise, common sense on some things has taken a back seat, and in particular in dealing with terrorism and ISIS.


This however is likely to play into Donald’s hands as political correctness seems to be behind Obama’s weakness in decisive foreign policy. Not wanting to break his word despite changes in the playing field, it leaves Donald open to simply do what needs to be done no matter who it upsets.


As for Donald’s domestic policy, his business skills will shine brightly. As for those who doubt that, not being politically correct has worked well for Donald so far in business, so why would that change now.


But as scrutiny continues, there are other things giving Donald a boost. The several years of congress doing nothing and seeing how political correctness has played into that, the seasoned politicians have been labeled as inept and Donald does show the ‘Can Do’ attitude that Americans are now craving. The feeling that Donald could and would politically embarrass stuck or stagnant politicians is both genuine and powerful.


So between the First of December and the day Iowa has its say, the game will change, and Donald will very likely show why and how political correctness is playing a big part in why congress is not moving.

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