Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 6

To understand why Donald Trump is at the top of the polls is very simple when you come and think about it in the simplest terms. This is despite predictions by the thinkers who base their logic on political correctness. They have been proven constantly wrong in their predictions for one simple reason.


There is no doubt that Donald Trump has baffled the so called experts in his ability to stay at the top of the poles. Those experts base their logic and psychological expertise on the foundation of political correctness. So the flaw behind their logic is very simple. Being politically correct is not a natural state, and people simply do it because they have to so as to avoid attacks from the politically correct police. So given the opportunity to go back to being normal and speaking your mind no matter who may get upset is a welcome relief.


Donald Trump speaks his mind, and because he is funding his own bid for the White House, he is immune from the political influence of people who would fund his campaign. That money does not come for free, there are political favors to be done in order to get that money.


However the big secret to Donald’s success thus far is he says what people are thinking. It is those private thoughts people have that are self-muted because of fears of those thoughts not being politically correct. So when Donald comes straight out and says those things, there is a difficult to describe emotion that is triggered. Speaking out loud YES!, and pumping your fist in the air is about as close to the description you can get. The same feeling is experienced when your team scores the winning point and all that enthusiasm is allowed out for all to see in that moment of being spontaneous.


Often those thoughts are based in common sense, however applying the common sense fix may be politically incorrect. So it is a bit like hitting your hand with a hammer. Common sense says to stop, but because it is not politically correct, you must keep smashing away.


So when it comes to Donald’s comments on banning Muslims from coming to the USA until things are figured out, it is hard not to assume just about everybody has had that private thought at one time or another. It taps into common sense and it does not consider if it is legal or not. That raw thought of keeping the bad guys out until we can sort out who they are is very basic and 100% common sense. That is one of the big underlying reasons Donald is doing so well.


The others who do rely on political correctness can’t even say that because it is not politically correct. That all may be true, but it does not stop people from having that very private common sense thought, including the politicians who dare not say it.

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