A look at Donald Trump’s ban Muslim proposal

Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States has been the most attention getting thing he has said. It has caused a variety of both pro and con reactions as well as extreme attacks from the politically correct. But that knee jerk reaction is just that, because much of that proposal is based in very simple common sense that cares nothing about political correctness.


There is clearly a disagreement about what is right and what is wrong about the proposed ban on letting Muslims into the United States until things can be better sorted out. if you naturally levitate towards common sense, you will likely side with the ban. However if you side with political correctness, your likely to say no to it. But the point is at least at the time of penning this entry, the people that say no to the ban have not provided a better alternative that will serve the same function as the ban. So in a way it is simply nonconstructive criticism and just being politically correct.

First off, the Muslims that would look to bring harm to Americans and America obviously care nothing about political correctness. They simply want to do exactly what is spelled out in the strictest parts of the Quran on how to deal with non-believers and those who follow other faiths. That is simply following in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad as much of what he did in his life was all about attacking non-Muslims giving them the option to become a Muslim or die. This is according to scholars who have studied the topic.

The second thing that would happen is it would encourage better self-policing amongst Muslims and to identify those who follow Islam to the letter and not denounce the stricter parts of the Quran and Sharia law. Despite all attempts thus far to make this happen, little if any success has been seen as attacks are still happening. Forcing self-policing has been proven effective.

Certainly some Muslims are offended by this, there is little doubt of that. But the same is true by a team that has been suspended by the league they play for, or a country banned from sports events because they did not do enough about doping prevention. So apparently banning a country from sports is fine, but banning Muslims is not.

The negative side to the ban is it could drive some angry Muslims to take action against the United States or its interests abroad. In other words it would cause more overt behavior that reflects the nature of the person. One of three things would likely happen. Some Muslims would be understanding of the reason behind the ban and work toward doing what was needed to lift the ban. Some Muslims would take a neutral position because going to the United States was never on their agenda. Then some Muslims would become angry and see it as an attack on Islam and look to do some harm in a form of revolt or attack.

For the most part Many Americans feel like they are keeping an Apex Predator for a pet because of the attacks by Muslims. Having a Tiger or a crocodile wandering about your living room despite how tame they seem, all it takes is one short moment of reverting back to their true nature. Shortly after your now vacant house will go up for sale once all the blood and bits of body parts are cleaned up. So common sense says get them out of your house, while political correctness says treat them nice and don’t piss them off.

So unfortunately common sense has more reasons than does political correctness. If an entire country can be banned from international sports for cheating, then certainly Muslims can be banned from the United States. Both bans encourage self-policing, and both bans will likely produce positive results in the end. Seeing that more than one American politician has said they are at war with ISIS and others who share their views, letting political correctness call the shots is just asinine. If a state of emergency or martial law was declared, banning Muslims would be a non-issue and not even challenged.

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