Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 7

It seems Donald Trump is making headway in battling political correctness. Several other candidates for President have stopped being politically correct in their attacks on Donald. It seems the therapy is working.


It was only a matter of time before the other candidates had to stop being politically correct. They were being shredded and made to look weak, but being or appearing weak is the effect of political correctness. All anyone needs to do is look to Russia and do a side by side comparison of President Putin and President Obama to see what President looks and acts more like a leader.

Alphas don’t care a lot about being politically correct, they are more concerned with getting things done and being done properly. This is the attitude of Donald Trump. It is a ‘Can Do’ attitude. That same Can Do attitude was how America was in World War II before that days of political correctness. Because of political correctness America has lost that edge.

Now that the Republican pack running for President has started to thin, note that the field seems to be thinning with the most politically correct candidates going first. Their ideas may be good and do look to solve some problems if agreed to, but that seems to conger memories of a dysfunctional politically correct Congress that can’t seem to get anything done. That is another reason Donald Trump is doing so strong in the polls.

Looking back through history at who got elected and why, President Obama was elected because he was most like the real people. President Regan was elected because President Carter appeared weak and was very politically correct. His handling of the Iran hostage crisis is not too different from how President Obama is dealing with ISIS. For whatever reason be it keeping a campaign promise of ending war and bringing Americans home, or he just lacks the gut to do what needs to be done, it makes him look weak for ignoring common sense that for wars to end both sides must agree.

This all brings us back to Donald Trump not being politically correct. He seems to be the best candidate to restoring America’s dignity and respect. Being politically correct has allowed other countries to lose respect for America because a strong posture is more respected than being overtly kind and caring. There is an underlying need for strength, pride and dignity in everyone no matter what country they are from that transcends politics.

It would seem that at this point in time being still early on the trail to the Whitehouse, those underlying basic human needs will win out over any politically correct position. The economy is in good enough shape that people can put food on the table and feed their families. So this now places the focus on those other basic human needs of dignity, respect and pride. Those commodities will not be found being politically correct as it was political correctness that stripped them away.


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