Discrimination against gays elective – sexual orientation not

People have choices in life on what they like and what they don’t like. In some cases it is based on what we feel, while in other cases it is what we are taught. However when it comes down to our sexual desires, that part is built in just as the color of our eyes are.


We as humans view ourselves as an advanced species. We use our brain and our mind to discover things about our world through science. We look into space hunting for new worlds like our own, and at the same time we seek medicines that cure our illnesses. But for the most part, that only describes the front cutting edge of who we are as a species.


The unfortunate truth is there is much more to us as a species than our front cutting edge. The part of us that brings up the rear is very far from that cutting edge, and has yet to pass through decades old discoveries about who we are and the world we live in.


In or around 1990, science provided conclusive proof that our sexual orientation is not elective. This was done by 60 people donating their bodies to science. In groups of 10 there were heterosexual males, heterosexual females, bisexual males, bisexual females, homosexual males and homosexual females. When their brains were dissected they discovered that there were markers that pointed to sexual orientation irrespective of what gender body the brain came from. So heterosexual males had the same markers as homosexual females and so on.


So with this conclusive proof the can be repeated, the cutting edge part of our society has accepted this and does not discriminate against bisexual or homosexual people. It is because of this acceptance gay marriage is being accepted on an increasingly wider scale.


But on the other hand the trailing part of our human society still kills people for displaying anything other than heterosexual behavior. That does not even count all the religious based conflicts around the world. Most if not all of those battles are with Islam. ISIS throws gay people off the roof, some countries consider it a crime to be gay and execute them.


As a species as a whole we have a long way to go and we are arrogant for just looking at the cutting edge of who we are. When the world as a whole can accept the science behind anything be it sexual orientation, the color of our skin or eyes, or the simple fact differences in our cultures actually enhance us as a whole, then we can lift our heads and be more as one. But until that day, we are still a long train passing through a dark tunnel with only the front in the daylight and the back still in the dark ages.

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