Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 9

The official start of voting for the next President of the United States has arrived. But this time around it is more than voting for President, it is also a thumbs up or thumbs down referendum vote for political correctness.


It was a moment to smile when reading a news article stating that several of the other Republican candidates indicated that they would bring an end to political correctness. In reality that said that if they were running under the politically correct banner, they would get their asses kicked come voting time. They correctly concluded that much of Donald Trump’s voter and support base comes from people who are properly fed up with political correctness.

From Mail Online:

Trump has decried ‘political correctness’ as a distinctly American rhetorical disease, saying the nation must rid itself of speech curbs designed to placate religious, ethnic or other minority identity groups.


So as the primary election process starts, each state’s vote will reflect a uniquely different sub culture. For example people living in Alaska know they are not the top of the food chain, so walking about armed is a very different subculture than almost every other state. So each states view on political correctness will be weighed with how they vote. Politicians that just now are saying they will abandon the politically correct banner will need to show it as words from politicians are just that, words from politicians.


It is fair to say that some groups will fight with their last breath to preserve political correctness, but as political correctness is not a natural state and more of a malfunction of society, the culprits behind political correctness will no longer be hidden in the crowd. What happens to them after they are identified will most certainly not be politically correct. Who knows as it may be discovered to be a conspiracy to overthrow the country by making everyone too weak and too sensitive to fight back.


So Iowa is the first test followed shortly by New Hampshire. The contrast in sub cultures are very different. Farming and rural as compared to rural with a generally creative flair, tourism, dairy and leaning more towards a laid back white collar mentality. Farm tractors are replaced with a SUV in the driveway.


South Carolina is up next and that state is struggling with an identity crisis in the wake of a very high profile hate crime that brings into question the confederate flag being part of the state’s symbol. It is here where political correctness may be tested to see if it is actually needed or not. Old school prejudice from the more senior citizens has likely been replaced with modern thinking that the color of a person’s skin is a non-issue. Prejudice is a taught old school behavior and really has nothing to do with political correctness.


But no matter how you cut it, it seems the day of reckoning for political correctness may have finally arrived.


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