Sex articles deliberately deceptive

Every now and again there would be some article about sex that very much was an anomaly that was opposite of the known and observed norms. However in recent months the number of these deceptive articles is on the rise. So digging for their source, one’s advanced gut feelings already points to attempted disinformation by someone with some sort of agenda.


It is already been proven that people who have issues about other people’s sexual behaviors have their own sexual hang-ups. So rather than addressing their own problem, they try to paint other people as having a problem and try to shame them in one way or another. In some cases these people are successful in messing with people’s heads about sex leading that person to seek the help of a sex therapist at some later date. Most of the people that have sexual hang-ups are deeply religious, and in seeking sexual advise with a religious guidance is like asking a Heroin addict how to save money.


The first of the deceptive articles claims to have done research that sex does not sell. The fact that your reading this entry quickly says that is wrong. This article was carried on some of the most respected publications like Fortune and Bloomberg. An important point to note is they did not do the research, but only published the so called findings. If there is any truth to this, there is so much sex in advertising some desensitizing may be a contributing factor.


The second article is about women who wear bras with several clips on the back don’t get more attention. This is about as far from the truth as you can go. As part of research for another article that has yet to be published, Connecting the Dots interviewed 12 women who underwent breast augmentation asking them one year post surgery how their lives have changed. One women commutes to work on a bicycle, says she now sees about 3 times more car accidents than she did before surgery. She is 5 feet (153cm) tall, 105 Lbs (47.6kg) and now wears a 34E bra. Prior to that she was a small C cup. Another women who works in a restaurant says the tips from male customers has tripled since her surgery. Still another says that both men and women don’t look at her face anymore and are clearly focused on her bust.


The third article suggests that people are happier if they don’t have sex prior to getting married. Unfortunately that article can no longer be found so pointing to it is impossible at this point. It clearly had a religious tone to it based on phrases and choice of words. For example you can always tell when you are talking to someone in law enforcement as they speak ‘Cop’. Words like suspect, apprehend, pursuit people don’t normally use. So in this case words like virtue, sin, and pray are all dead giveaways where this article came from.


When it comes right down to it, sex is the center of our existence. That does not only go for humans, but for every living thing. The purpose of life is to procreate, that is the one constant that all living things do from the simplest bacteria to the most complex organisms you can think of. So when someone is saying that we are not interested in sex or implies that it is not central to our lives, you really need to step back and examine who is making that claim and what agenda do they have for doing so. There are no moral or ethical issues here simply because we are all part of nature before we are a part of anything else.


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