Become an Alpha with Hypnotherapy

Men who find themselves alone in life because they are a low level Beta or an Omega personality need to know that hidden inside them is a genuine Alpha personality. Men that are not an Alpha notice every day that men that are an Alpha are getting all that they are entitled to. That includes plenty of attention from women, getting respect, and easily fending off those who would take their share of the pie.


Inside every man there is a desire to be a man that is both respected and desired. It has always been there but for some it just can’t make it to the surface for one reason or another. The thought of having several women wanting him and having an actual opportunity to pick and choose between them is just a distant dream for some. The thought of being someone people follow and not being a person who follows others is also a very appealing thought for people that are very socially conscious.


Nature programs women to seek out a strong provider. That programming is all about reproduction and the ability to provide and defend. In today’s world, that is not so much about physical strength, but a man that can fend off threats and defend against intrusions as well as putting food on the table.


All of that does not even consider the financial rewards of being an Alpha. In workplaces there is often competition for promotion. Unless that promotion requires a very specific skill set, anyone who is qualified will be fighting for the promotion. There could be a bit of back stabbing going on or politics at work, but an Alpha will simply deal with those challenges and end up with the promotion. In fact instinctually those challenges will be met without fear sending a signal to any other potential rival to think long and hard about offering a challenge. Also in many cases those challenges are just bluffs to test the Alpha, as that is seen in nature time and time again. Stand your ground and the challenger will back down, or turn and run and watch the challenger pounce.


Intellectual Alphas find that they don’t need to show they are an Alpha 24/7, they only show it when it is needed as in a challenge. However for physical Alphas who rely on strength and physical appearance to remain an Alpha, that Alpha demonstration is much more frequent as it is all about brawn and not brain.


Ironically there are several factors that can stop an Alpha personality from emerging. Living in an abusive environment as a child is one. Being bombarded with negatives by one or more narcissistic parent and never feeling encouraged to test your limits is another. But the most common and widespread by far is trying to survive in a politically correct environment. Being politically correct and holding back self-expression or just doing something for fear of upsetting someone, people are actually programmed to concede, and that is the total opposite of being an Alpha.


How Hypnotherapy can bring out the hidden Alpha


In doing our research about Alpha personalities and being inspired by Donald Trump turning the entire field of Republican presidential primary contestants into Betas, we decided to see if there was some way to bring out the repressed Alpha personality in people. Our search has lead us to a clinical hypnotherapists who has global recognition for being one of the best there is. Ironically he is located in Bangkok and we have sourced from him before.


We discovered that he has developed what he calls Alpha therapy that works for both men and woman. As the majority of problems that repress Alpha personalities are from external factors, learning how to eliminate those factors and not just cope with them is one of the very first steps in the therapy. He said people usually come to him for other issues first. They can be almost anything from confidence to sexual problems to breaking bad habits. Once those issues are sorted out, a significant number of them want to go the extra mile and become more of an Alpha.


The Alpha therapy works like applying coats of paint. After each session a bit more of their repressed Alpha personality emerges. This allows them to see and experience the positive changes going on around them that they themselves are causing. They test themselves and see just how many people that bluff being dominant quickly concede and stand down. They experience getting more attention by everyone and that can only be described as a good feeling.


The number of Alpha therapy sessions is up to each person, and most are content with 4 to 6 sessions as that alone causes moderate to significant changes. Some want to press on and be an Alpha amongst Alphas, but that is completely up to them. Others take the Alpha therapy to help with career advancement and that is very popular with both men and women. Still others enjoy being a leader in social circles, and still others do it for reasons related to finding the right person and not feel they have to settle for whatever happens along.


This does not change the persons underlying personality with the exception of being more confident and less willing to accept a bad deal or the dirty end of a stick. Changes in body language are also common and that goes a long way across the board as people visually start to recognize their Alpha persona. Their Alpha personality only makes itself known when it is needed, and how frequently that happens quickly goes down as regular challengers find their place in the pack order behind them.


This therapy has become very popular over the past several years as virtually everyone can benefit from it. It does not produce anger as some may think, the truth is just the opposite. Anger is about being out of control, where being an Alpha is all about being in control. People that have experienced Alpha therapy have reported one year after the therapy that their lives have had a significant positive change in just about every aspect excluding illness. People that were once victims of bullying find that those bullies now steer a wide path around them. Their sex lives have improved as well as their status in society, and yes their wallets have become fatter and have more than compensated for the cost of therapy.


Interestingly enough Alpha therapy can be done by Skype from the comfort of your own home and no need to travel. To find out more you can contact this world class clinical hypnotherapist through his website Self-improvement is and should be a goal for everyone.


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