Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 10

The ease that Donald Trump eliminated the pack of Republican Presidential contenders is in your face proof that political correctness makes people weak. Each and every one of them fell prey to the piranhas of political correctness and were not able to recover without tossing political correctness to the trash. Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America great again” is simply showing it is not just words, it has substance.


Perhaps another way to phrase this is Donald Trump brought nunchakus to a pillow fight. All the political contenders fell victims to political correctness. Even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who was most like Donald Trump fell to the non-politically correct onslaught Donald Trump unleashed.


In the February 25 debate in Texas, the number 2 and 3 contenders seem to have tried to rid themselves of political correctness. The numbers said for the most part it was now or never to defeat Donald Trump. By them doing this it says without words that political correctness was a handicap. That also translated to the United States being handicapped when dealing with more aggressive world leaders with Alpha personalities like Russia’s Putin and assorted dictators.


So if Donald Trump was not running for President, you can imagine the pillow fight debates we would have seen. But because he is running, his slaying of political correctness is working. He has proven without doubt that we can live without political correctness, and that includes politicians. In other words, results are being seen, and if Donald is elected President, it may just be the death blow to political correctness as he will demonstrate time and time again during his term in office that political correctness is done. So as people start remembering who they really are and start to mimic Donald, things will once again be set straight.


Amazingly we still are seeing political correctness trying to attack Donald Trump, so old habits die hard. You should not of said that, you upset people, and so on and so on. Those people that were upset were made weak by political correctness. In other words, get a therapist to become whole again. The world is not ‘G’ rated, it is ‘R’ rated so get use to it.

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