Americans tired of being held hostage by Republicans

It does not take much effort for Americans to think of a recent time where Republicans let the clock run out causing one sort of default or another. That unwilling to bend stance is part of the fuel propelling Donald Trump towards the November general elections.

This is a very good chance for us to connect the dots as how America has arrived at this political moment. Certainly we could use a variety of colorful words to describe the state of the Republican Party. Cannibalism perhaps is the most descriptive word as the Republican Party consolidates efforts to stop Donald Trump who looks to win the party’s nomination for President. But we need to go back to the beginning, and that takes us back to the birth of the sub party known as the “Tea Party”.

After the 2008 General elections that pitted Republican Senator John McCain against Democratic Senator Barack Obama, Senator McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin was influential in starting a very conservative movement that came to be known as the Tea party.

2009 America along with a good chunk of the planet was in a financial crisis, so for the most part everyone followed the Lead of freshly elected President Obama. The right leaning republicans who fronted much of the blame were content to give President Obama all the hanging rope he wanted. As it turned out, as President Obama restored some of the government controls the Republicans tossed aside citing that government was too big, things got better. That restored governing put a stop or significantly slowed the greed and corruption in the financial markets. That slowly started turning things from red towards black on the bottom right corner of financial reports.

Meanwhile the Tea party was gaining momentum, and more and more Tea party supported candidates found their way into the Senate and the House. With each seated Tea party member, the center point of the Republican Party started shifting right. As that right shift continued every two years during election cycles, there were fewer and fewer things The Republicans and Democrats could agree on, thus bringing the Government to a dysfunctional halt once that common overlap was reduced to nothing.

By the time 2015 rolled around the American people were suffering from this now dysfunctional government and the blame was set squarely on the Republican Party. The American people were looking for an outsider who either packed big guns or plenty of laxative to get government moving again. Enter Donald Trump!

So now with Donald Trump in the lead and the Republican Party elite trying to stop him, you start to see or at the very least suspect that much of how the Republican Party painted themselves was a bit of a charade. Donald Trump’s campaign style actually is not that different from Sarah Palin’s. Vague references causing emotions to flair was her style. Being exactly accurate on facts was replaced with nurturing the public’s conceptual perception of things.

So in a way Donald Trump can be seen as a political correction much the same as is seen periodically in the stock market. People see that if Tea Party members are willing to make political suicide in order to get their way, he will provide them with the means to make that political suicide happen to bring an end to the hostage situation the American people feel.

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