Anti-Trump campaign lead by out of touch Republicans

If there was one thing about Mitt Romney that people remember from his 2010 Presidential bid was that he was just completely out of touch with the real world. So if you start connecting the dots you can see why he is leading the anti-Trump campaign and attempting to override what Rank and File Republicans want by voting for Donald Trump.

It does not seem that Mitt Romney has made any progress in the past 4 years in understanding the world Rank and File Republicans live in. The Rank and File Republicans want Donald Trump for a variety of reasons from trashing the Republican mold that has stalled Congress, to showing the days of political correctness are over as well as a bunch of stuff in-between.

The upper hierarchy of the Republican Party are seeing that not only does Donald Trump not fit the Republican Party master mold, he looks to smash it and melt it down for scrap. Donald being an Alpha male does not care for the failing position the Republican Party has been taking for the last few years, he will make something that works. That places the upper Republican hierarchy in a position of being obsolete as they were a product of that failing mold.

So the anti-Trump movement is really about self-preservation of the upper Republican hierarchy and has nothing to do with the people they serve. That contrast is becoming more clear with each passing day as Rank and File Republicans start connecting the dots themselves.

The dots are easy to see if you step back and look at the big picture. The first and perhaps biggest dot is the Republican Party has become entirely self-serving. Every vote in Congress, every political stance taken promotes the party and for the most part looks to sidestep democracy. The second dot is they clearly don’t want to risk any significant change and Heaven forbid the change Donald Trump looks to unleash on them.

The Third dot is about ignoring the Rank and File Republicans and Americans in General. It would not be too much of a push for a team of very good lawyers to suggest the Republican Party’s upper hierarchy is acting in a treasonous way by holding the American people hostage by not passing key and needed legislation to keep the country running. They are to work collectively with the Democratic Party and independents and not be self-serving. The feel of that behavior is all it really takes to spot that dot.

So this brings us back to Mitt Romney and why he was selected. Those dots are easy to spot as well. Mitt has been out of the main stream since he lost his Presidential bid in 2010. So in the hope time has erased memory of Mitt being out of touch, as well as not being the target of voter anger, he seemed the best choice. Anyone else on the Republican side who has significant recognition is either already dealing with angry voters or has retired or died. Because of that you can easily see the anti-Trump movement is all about saving the upper Republican hierarchy.

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