Pre-written news stories about Thailand and beyond Part 2

It seems that many prewritten stories about Thailand come from one religious group or another. The giveaway clues once again are these religious centered people visiting Thailand discovering things in a matter of hours, that the local people living in the said location know absolutely nothing about.


Our second example comes from a Church based in New Britain Connecticut USA. It is very clear this story was written before they even climbed on an aircraft bound for Thailand. Their story was so out of touch with reality, they were repeatedly scolded online in the feedback section at the bottom of their so called journalistic article. It was cut to shreds with dozens of replies from both Thailand and some of the people that belonged to that Church who had already seen with their own eyes. So in short what they wrote is actually better defined as a story, as it has little if anything to do with journalism.

Their story was about human trafficking and people being forced into the sex industry. Part of their story talked about a part of Bangkok that is known as PatPong. Their description of PatPong read as if it was a very seedy part of Bangkok. The truth of the matter, PatPong is located in the Heart of Bangkok’s financial district surrounded by 4 and 5 star Hotels. So just by that totally deceptive description, people that already know about PatPong and where it is located are alerted that the rest of the story likely lacks facts and was likely prewritten. Unfortunately people that don’t know will eat it up as gospel thus serving some sort of agenda.

The fact of the matter that the known facts were so different than what was in the story, once again all credibility was lost. The response was so strong to correct what was misrepresented, it is doubtful it was believed by anyone who has an open mind. Words like Pimp are never heard in Thailand, yet it does fit a perceived stereotype of the sex trade in the United States, so that is what they wrote.

Yes granted Thailand has issues with human trafficking, and it takes months if not years of undercover research to find the key players and other particulars. So the fact that these people who have never been to Thailand before stumbled across the mother-load in talking to someone for 30 minutes on a corner, is as about as tall of a tale as you can get. If it were that easy, there would be a daily flow of pedophiles heading back to the states looking at serious jail time.

The fact is entering the sex trade in Thailand is seen as just another source of income. Yes those people are seen on a lower tier of society, but really not worse than many other jobs like street sweepers or maids. They enter sex work willingly and can leave or take time off as they want, and there is no chain around there leg. Sex is as big a part of Thailand’s culture as elephants and gold temples.

A politician in the United States with a lover on the side would be ridiculed out of office for lacking moral and ethical character. A Thai politician in the same situation would be admired in his ability to support more than one woman. There are even words in the Thai language that describe having more than one lover and the ranking of each lover. You would most likely never see any of that in a story written by a Christian based group because it would not fit their agenda.


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