Eight years and still going

Today makes 8 years since we first pushed the Publish button on WordPress. As each year passes we see the world changing around us. Some for the good, some for the bad, and some for whatever.


We past our 1500 post mark in January this year, and we did not even notice it until we were past that significant milestone. We have also become a bit more active this year because there are more things to write about. News in Thailand has become a bit slow simply because the country is on the political mend. So only when we felt the need did we make a post about Thailand. But with that said, Donald Trump has provided plenty to write about.


So our focus has for now shifted from Thailand politics to American Politics, and there is plenty to feast on. Attacking political correctness and now having the opportunity to bring it to an end is welcome by more people than we could imagine.


We are now unfortunately seeing events from our earliest posts coming to be true. People fighting and killing each other over water is now becoming an unfortunate reality. Climate change is really starting to move from something we talk about to something we need to deal with every single day from here on out.


Where do we go from here is a good question. Keeping to our theme of connecting the dots so people can see the big picture, and also making predictions of what will happen next will still be the bulk of what we write about. The topics can change from day to day and will be driven by events, that much we can say. What those things may be, well even we can’t predict yet, but we are looking at a new top of the line crystal ball that can double as a fancy paperweight if needed.

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