Longevety of President Donald Trump

Despite being 100% politically incorrect, Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination and is heading for a head on clash with Hillary Clinton in November. Should he become victorious and win the election in November, the question is how long will he last as President before he is removed from office by Congress.


Perhaps this can be called an anti-Trump trump card, but Congress does have the power to impeach a President. So if Congress was at least willing to impeach President Bill Clinton for getting a blowjob, how do things look for Donald Trump who has already alienated well over the number of people required to remove him from office. Looking past that potential outcome, what fallout across America will that potentially cause is a very valid question.


The stop Trump movement has not ended, it has simply moved to the next step of the game. With Names like Mitt Romney leading the charge who’s lasting impression from his presidential bid was he was completely out of touch with the real world, there is little doubt he is sitting on his hands. If Donald Trump is elected President, it is because that is what the American people wanted. But being out of touch means anything goes and the self-serving effort will go forward.


Article 1 of the US Constitution states that The House of Representatives can impeach a President, and the trial will be in the Senate. But before that can happen, President Donald Trump must do a bit more than get a blowjob. Deciding what is an impeachable offense is left to others. For President Bill Clinton it was perjury and obstruction of Justice as he did not want to disclose his private sexual activities with the world. But with Donald Trump, it will likely involve putting Americans outside of the United States at risk of personal harm and injury. Playing business style hardball with other countries will put any American in those countries at risk of retaliation by virtually anyone in that country. Simply put it becomes cause and effect.


So this simply says America must carefully consider Mike Pence becoming President as there is a very strong possibility that will be the case if Donald Trump is elected. Looking at Mike Pence in much greater scrutiny is a requirement as very few Vice Presidents have ascended to become President as a result of vacancy.


Essentially this all was built into place with the separation of powers being split between the President, Congress and the Supreme Court. So if one goes awry the others can stop it.


How Americans would respond to the impeachment of Donald Trump would depend on how it was marketed. If Americans can see that Donald Trump has gone rogue, then they will likely accept it. however if they see it is just another attempt of the stop Trump movement, things could and very likely will get very nasty indeed. We don’t want to speculate what that could be as those dots are way too far away to even see. But knowing that they spell trouble is already very clear.

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