The damage Political Correctness has already caused Part 3

People who live in politically correct places are discouraged from having independent thinking. Simply mention you are digging and doing investigation into something that is not deemed to be Politically Correct, and within minutes there will be pressure to forget the idea or suffer the fallout and damage to your place in society.


If you talk about the behavior of different species of fish, there is no problem with that. Discussing how Red Bellied Piranhas would do against a Trout of the same size would be both acceptable, interesting, and disturbing to the people who have become too sensitive to reality from Political Correctness. However change that from species of fish to different ethnic groups of humans, and suddenly it becomes a no go topic.


So for example if someone were to try to discuss the different cultures of people and that some cultures were more dominant than others, and the dominant culture would eventually work to eliminate the more passive culture, that would not be Politically Correct and discussion of that topic would be discouraged. That is despite the underlying facts of history supporting that would happen once the names of the groups were introduced into the discussion.


Even some words commonly used as recent as the 1960’s are now deemed as hateful, racist and are even being edited out of history by politically correct groups. So imagine you are watching some old documentary that was produced when those words were being used in everyday conversation, and then hearing either a moment of silence or a beep and someone’s mouth blocked with a black rectangle to even censor lip reading. What has happened is your accurate understanding of history has been denied because what your viewing was not politically correct in its raw form.

So what is going on is censorship of anything from the past that is not politically correct, and that encourages complacency. Perhaps another real example is people that never saw the 1975 movie “Jaws” have no idea about what the business end of a Great White shark is all about. With censored news articles not showing the aftermath of what it is like to not be at the top of the food chain, people simply don’t know. So the active denial or blocking of learning or discussing things that are disturbing despite them being 100% accurate is being done by political correctness. However some expected news censorship is accepted as young children may be watching the news and not ready to cope with those images as yet.


So with political correctness actively trying to suppress things that would cause people’s survival instincts to become active, people are lulled into a false sense of complacency leaving us unaware of the true nature of the dangers. So the term caught with your pants down does apply, but even that term may be discouraged by political correctness because it implies nudity. Everything political correctness tries to do is completely opposite of what survival school training teaches you. In fact it even goes against the motto of the Boy Scouts of America that is to ‘Be Prepared!’.


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