The damage Political Correctness has already caused Part 4

Taking censorship caused by political correctness to the next step, the encouragement of self-censorship causes even more damage. But when you look at why this is encouraged, you will suddenly realize how Part 2 and 3 of this series are all tied together.


Some of the dangers outlined in Part 2 of this series that talk about Sharia law and that Political correctness works at causing complacency in people, self-censorship is meant to keep people from hitting the trip wire that keeps the reality of those dangers hidden. To see the real dangers all around suddenly come to life with just a few words or a few select images is what the politically correct enthusiasts want to avoid, because pretending the danger is not there is what political correctness is all about.


Not offending someone is core to political correctness, but because there is no perfect solution for that, the absolute lowest level of possible offence is the goal, and self-censorship is part of that. But when you look at what group is the most easily offended, it is the same group that tends to be the most violent, and all you need to do is look at the daily news to see what group that is.


So in Part 2 of this series, political correctness complacency wants you to think those are boxes of Sunflower seeds coming in, and not the reality that they are boxes of explosives that will go off if sufficiently agitated.


What that means is if someone wants to draw a picture of the Prophet Mohammad, burn the Koran, or express a viewpoint that may be considered insulting to Islam, you don’t just get mobs of Muslims angry, you have inspired violence that will lead to bloodshed. So by taking the politically correct approach of ‘Not offending’ and not the ‘Get use to free speech’ approach, it has opened to door to more violence. It has created the easier entry of Muslims with short fuses into places where free speech is common. In Part 2 we talked about Lone Wolf attacks, and this is how political correctness ties in to increasing the chance of that happening as it is tied to making Muslim people too sensitive to reality as shown in Part 1.

So what has happened is the politically correct thinking of self-censorship was originally meant to not upset sensitive people, but now it has grown and evolved to also not upset people who can become violent as well.


To be more specific and connect these first dots;

Per Part 1 Political Correctness makes people less tolerant to reality, so Muslims also become more sensitive as well when they discover free speech includes drawing a picture of the Prophet Mohammad, burning the Koran, or expressing a viewpoint that may be considered insulting to Islam

Per Part 2 Political Correctness encourages complacency and allows short fused people who can become violent and look to kill people to be the wolves amongst the sheep.

Per Part 3 Political Correctness encourages censorship and avoiding some topics to not set off the wolves who are already amongst the sheep.

The other dangers of censorship and self-censorship are outlined in this documentary below. So once you view it, it’s normal to start to wonder how Political Correctness got so out of control in the first place if it is doing this much harm on a wholesale level.

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