Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 14

For the politically correct who had hoped Donald Trump would go away election day plus one, welcome to the new (or if you prefer) the old reality. Now that Donald will have significant Authority January 20, 2017 at 12:01pm, people who have become weak from being exposed to political correctness and never toughened up, better start looking for a therapist to help deal with the real world.

Donald Trump will become the world’s most powerful person replacing Barack Obama at noon on January 20, 2017. But that is not what this entry or series is about, it is about saving the world from excessive political correctness. Now Connecting the Dots feels it is important to clarify what political correctness is, and what it is not. The reason for this is the word bully has been used to describe Donald Trump, however we don’t think that was anything more than people who have become weak from political correctness getting a taste of the real world that was never described as friendly or warm and fuzzy.


What political correctness is, is going out of your way to find words that don’t mean what you want to come out and say that are rooted in reality. For the word handicapped or disabled, the word challenged may be used. However the word handicapped itself is semi politically correct and is used in talking to a third person about someone who has some mental or physical problem that hinders them from coming up to the status quo, or if you prefer basic mold configuration. Before political correctness the word cripple was used.


The only place you would find the word cripple used now is in the military when making reference to damage caused by military action. ‘The ship was crippled by a torpedo.’


What is not politically correct is describing something with full access to the entire dictionary. That even included words that would get Google AdSense ads removed from any website that feels the freedom of the language. The key and most important thing is making an accurate description that others can see by using their own senses.


There is another level that clearly must be separated from the description of politically correct or not politically correct, and that is propaganda meant to influence people by using distortion or lies. That is in a category all by itself. That includes hate speech by inserting words meant to sway opinion or adding a false hidden factor implying it is true.


So for an example, Wikipedia has quite a few things to say about the Prophet Muhammad, and many of the facts of history about him are clearly not politically correct such as convert to Islam or die, but non the less they are facts.


So this brings us back to Donald Trump who clearly calls it like he sees it with no political correctness. How he will do as President of the United States is yet to be seen, and those answers are still too complex to call as little of that Donald Trump has been seen or scrutinized.


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