President Donald Trump and what to expect

Trump crystal ball

Knowing what the world will be like with Donald Trump’s presidential influence is a question on the world’s mind. So as he has been showing what makes him tick, we are starting to see just how the dots are likely to connect during 2017.

Before we begin we should point out that our niche is not complaining about the past, but instead what is likely to happen in the future. Our accuracy has been consistently between 75% and 80%. That is due to the limitations of information. The more information we have, the better our predictions. This entry is mostly based on how Donald Trump reacts to various stimuli that he will no doubt encounter as president. Some of the stimuli he will encounter will be deliberately placed in his path to provoke an anticipated reaction, and that by far is the most dangerous part about him. The reason for that is he can be placed in a desired mindset and thus controlled by anyone who has (1) Access to him, and (2) Understands behavioral psychology.


Key Dots

First and perhaps most important is, for those who have not figured it out yet, Donald Trump is Narcissistic. What that means simply is he sees himself as being better than others and his views are always right. Whenever he has been challenged, he launches attacks on whoever it is that raised the challenge.


Second is Donald is more or less a Republican. Republicans tend to be of old school thinking and several idioms do provide fairly accurate summaries of how they think. One of which is ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’ What that means is Donald is likely to undo, dismantle, or simply kill progressive thinking and actions by simply defunding them. In other words, what was state of the art behavior and thinking 10 to 40 years ago, will be how things are done today. perhaps the most obvious is where energy comes from and that climate change is a myth.


Third is Donald wants nothing to do with political correctness, and for that we are very sure the majority if not all of the people who have suffered stress and anxiety as a result of political correctness see him as a champion and likely has the ability to bring it to an end. We have a running periodic series on that alone called “Donald Trump slayer of political correctness”. There is no doubt that attribute won him a lot of votes on election day.


Fourth is Donald has no political experience and will likely approach things the wrong way by being arrogant. For people that care to remember, when George W. Bush came into office on 2000, many countries put the United States on the bottom of their list as who to do business with as American arrogance was on full display. Ironically this arrogance is for the most part invisible to Americans living in the United States. However simply live in another country for 18 months or longer, and it becomes more obvious every day.


International Issues

The Putin factor

For the most part Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen as an Alpha Male by nearly everyone. Every summit photo of him next to President Barack Obama tells its own story with the body language alone. President Obama prefers the diplomatic approach, and President Putin prefers the Hammer and Sickle. So in every summit photo, President Obama appears to be a Beta Male. This is one of the points Donald Trump referenced during his run for President.


Donald Trump is also an Alpha Male and the same apparent body language contrast is seen in photos of him with President Obama. But the interesting thing is that Alphas see other Alphas as rivals. You can see this all through nature. So with this being the norm of nature, Putin’s support of Donald Trump is seen as a warning flag that there is a hidden agenda on the part of Russia. This is very obvious to behavioral psychologists, but would be invisible to nearly everyone else.


So looking at this first set of dots, we see that it is very likely Putin plans to put various stimuli in the path of President Donald Trump that will eventually cause the United States to become less of an influence globally, thus moving Russia into a much more dominate position globally. The risk here is this could move the United States into a shooting war with some countries as Donald changes from using Twitter to using the military to feed his narcissistic needs. This risk was cited several times by the Democrats as President Donald Trump will have nuclear weapons at his disposal, and for the most part that may be nicknamed his other Twitter account.

tweet or nuke


The China factor

Unfortunately there is not much information on how China will react to President Donald Trump as there are two major fronts to be considered. The first front is business in general and it seems Donald Trump will have the strong hand on that front. The second front is China’s ego and Donald’s ego coming into military conflict. Much of that will come from the South China Sea area. There is a significant risk of conflict there as the United States has long standing commitments in and around Asia. Countries that are seen as an asset to Donald Trump will be more vigorously defended.  Major flashpoints are Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the Philippines.


Domestic issues


There are several things Donald said on the campaign trail, and for the most part some are very scary to some. One of them is the Muslim Issue. Where this will actually go is difficult to say. It is clear Donald trump over simplified how to fix the issue, and that will likely become a bull in a store that sells breakables. On the bright side if Donald takes a heavy hand approach, it will likely cause Muslims in general to take a much more proactive approach in cleaning up their own house in regards to Islam extremism.



The Mexico wall is another issue that may be over simplified as well, and we will not address that yet, however the impact will have a big implications in the price of foods domestically grown. As for jobs, that will not happen overnight but there will be some changes providing the United States is not at war, or more specifically a major war with significant assets deployed.


Health care

As for gutting ‘Obama care’ we will refer back to the second key dot about Republicans wanting to go back to old school ways. As for abortion rights, that is up to nature when someone leaves the Supreme court before anything can change.


Government assist and social services

This has always taken a hit whenever Republicans control government, and there is no evidence that suggests this will not be the case this time as well. More of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.


So that is what we see as being very likely in 2017. Our biggest concern is causing Donald to act or react to stimuli placed in his path. Very simply that translates to somebody other than Donald Trump setting the path Americans will walk on.


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