Destroying the myth that political correctness is needed

If anything was proven beyond all doubt in 2016, it was the myth that political correctness was even needed. That is not just for the general public, it goes for politicians too. If you can have zero political correctness and still get elected President of the United States, it means political correctness and a Rube Goldberg machines are of the same breed of being worthless.

This entry could easily have been name Donald Trump slayer of political correctness Part 15, but somehow it seems this title is more appropriate. It seems safe to say political correctness has taken such a hit, it may prove to be fatal. Already what is coming from the Donald Trump team has good old fashion straight talk. No finding those kinder and gentler words, it is just spit it out and deal with it.

What is said may be upsetting to some, but for the most part that is nobody’s problem except for the upset person. For them there are therapists to help them navigate the real world.

However it gets better, the anti-political correctness attitude is taking hold. People once again are starting to feel empowered by the momentum. Men can once again be men, women can once again be women. Telling someone to go and stick it where the sun never shines can once again be said without consequences.

There is no doubt those that thrive in political correctness will push back. However what was the subtle and increasing layers of political correctness over the past several years now must push back in less than subtle ways, and that itself is not politically correct.

We don’t want to be premature on this, but as long as Donald Trump is President, political correctness stands little chance to be more than a bad memory. We can only hope that sanity will prevail.

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