How to catch a bad cop

It is hard to dispute there are bad cops all throughout America. Many of them play dirty tricks to stay hidden. But recently because of a few Supreme Court rulings teaming up with the Bill of Rights, those dirty tricks can be used to flush them out into the open for judgment.


The fundamental rights of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press all play a big part in flushing the bad cops out. There is a new breed of people who make this a hobby. All you need is a video camera and about 30 minutes to an hour and a YouTube channel to make this happen. You also should be versed on first, second, fourth, and fifth amendments because all will be tested by the police as they try to violate them. That means you do not need to provide ID or answer questions if you are not breaking the law. If you are not breaking the law you can’t be detained. If the police do detain you they must say what law you have broken. If they can’t, then chances are your rights are already being violated.

There seems little doubt that police lie to control a situation. They will say you are breaking the law when in fact you are not. They prey on your ignorance hoping to trap you and walk you into a corner by you saying something that they can use to go after you. So knowing the law, your rights, and key court rulings are all your weapons to stand your ground and keep your rights from being violated. In fact a few videos of this type talk about people getting over $100,000.00 in settlement money for having their rights violated.

In the YouTube videos below, you will see and learn how all of this works. Most of the videos explain things in clear English so it is easy to understand your rights. But in general you are allowed to video anything you can see from public places. If you stand on a public sidewalk, easement or any public right of way, all that you can see can be filmed under protection of the First Amendment. Freedom of the press is extended to private citizens.

It is also important to keep in mind any policy, rule or local ordinance is overruled by the Constitution. Property owners or managers may say they don’t want you to video, but then again most people would like to win the Powerball lottery too. Just because they want it, it does not mean they will get it.

To be fair we need to look at some things that you need to know:

If a cop does not know the law, he should call in and ask, that is why police have radios.

If a cop takes the shoot first and ask questions later, this cop likely has a difficult time getting his pants on because his big balls are likely in the way. This is true if you cite the laws and relevant court rulings and he still moves to violate your rights. That may not be enough to sue, but certainly will make it easier if he repeats the behavior after he has been properly educated by his superiors.

If a cop could care less about what his superiors have said and continues to violate a person’s rights, this is indeed a bad cop.

Ona good note, the newer the YouTube Video, the less aggressive the police, or better spoken and less violent. With police being less aggressive and fewer attempted violation of rights says they are learning too. The people that go out and exercise their rights call what they are doing is an audit.


Good cop vs prison security



hand cuffed and searched



Police make a threat to child


Good example of correct







This is just a total violation. It is important to note the person having his rights violated to not cite laws back to the police and that is why they proceeded to further violate his rights by arresting him.



At a prison



There are plenty of YouTube videos and other come up as suggestions as you view them. Bottom line, this is a good learn for everyone. This is reality TV without a producer!



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