Donald Trump to commission giant statue of self in Queens

Trump rooster

President Donald Trump plans to construct a statue of himself in Queens New York to commemorate becoming President of the United States. The size and grandeur of the statue will rival the Statue of Liberty according to the news leak.

The idea of a statue of Donald Trump comes as no surprise to many, and the concern of who would pay for such a monument is the next question. With the limited information in the news leak, it is suggested Donald Trump would fund the construction along with donations from the public. Significant donors would be honored with a yet to be determined method.  When finished the statue will become no less significant and iconic than other signature landmarks in New York.

As we review this story it all tends to make sense as it fits the behavior and expectations of Donald Trump. His obsession with being seen as superior to everyone, and the decision to construct a statue in his home town of Queens New York all fits his personality, making it easy to accept as just the next step in his life’s ambition.

If you connect the dots from where Donald Trump was years ago to today, you see a continued building of self-gratifying accomplishments all meant to feed his narcissistic behavior. His personal aircraft have the name TRUMP in big bold Trump Statueuppercase letters on display as well as TRUMP TOWER in New York. When you think about that it does make you wonder what is next, and building a giant statue does fit the bill. Then after that declaring it a national landmark would be the cherry on top. If we go back and think about this, we were taught to identify numeric patterns in school, and this behavior is just as obvious as people are now more focused on Donald Trump. As you think about this, it does open your mind as to what is next. Perhaps Replacing George Washington on the One Dollar bill would qualify as the next step, and If not that then creating a new denomination of currency.

As you read into this story, it clearly leads in a direction you would expect it to go based on Donald Trump’s past behavior making it more believable. You could easily see this feeding his narcissistic supply, however this story is completely false and was created by Connecting the Dots as a demonstration of how fake news stories manage to get launched by being within the range of expected behavior of the subject. Yet however this story could be seen as true and even go virial if the reader fails to read this deep into the story and stops after just a paragraph or two.

If this story was about Donald Trump being part of organized crime, it would be a more difficult story to accept without a few lead in stories to suggest a direction. Those lead in stories may be along the lines of Donald Trump meeting with some people in the mob. So once those stories are planted the story of being involved in organized crime is more palatable. So all it takes is knowledge of psychology and good command of the English language, and you have launched a conspiracy with the click of the publish button on your computer.


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