Narcissism influenced Presidential behavior Part 4

Trump lies

Saying lies is one of the identifying behaviors of a narcissist. Lies roll off their lips just as easily as truths. But when it comes to people needing to support those lies as part of their job, there is a huge self-stripping of dignity that goes along with it.

Putting on your CV or Resume that you worked in the Whitehouse normally is a big boost for your career, and almost insures your next job will be in a well respected position. However when the President just happens to be a narcissist that frequently lies to the American people simply because he can’t help himself, the Whitehouse paragraph on your Resume may be a black mark, and you may even consider saying you were not working in that window of time.

It goes without saying that if you work for anyone who lacks the ethics of truthfulness, it is very likely you will get that stain as well simply by guilt of association. Avoiding that is simply leaving the job as fast as possible citing the laps in ethics as your reason. However should that job be in a position of public service of working for an elected official be it Dog catcher or President of the United States, it takes on a whole new meaning.

So here is a situation that your job involves in some way perpetuating a lie to the American people, it can be a tough pill to swallow if you have high moral and ethical standards. It is even worse if you are in a position of liaison where you go on record citing and supporting a lie to the news media. Doing that can eliminate any future employment worthy of citing. Yet there are some that persist and seem to enjoy telling lies.

This is where the narcissism comes in. The narcissist with thrive on watching you strip your own dignity. They will send you off to do their dirty work while they observe their self-elevation as you lower yourself. There are no winners in this except for the news media that catches the lie, and the lie becomes the story thus targeting the person(s) spewing the lie.

Most of the major news media has already dropped the politically correct word ‘misinformation’ and are calling it exactly what it is, a big lie to the American people. This will not bother the narcissist, but it will be devastating to the people with high moral and ethical values likely resulting in the need to seek counseling or therapy after the fact. As we have said in other posts, victims of a narcissist make up a significant percentage of a therapist’s monthly appointment schedule.

In under a month, the United States has become a source of amusement in every country. But it does not stop there as Americans everywhere are being looked at in a new light, simply because it was them that elected a narcissist to be President, placing that guilt by association on them as well.

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