Narcissism influenced Presidential behavior Part 5

Having a narcissist leading the country is a new experience for Americans. But in the case of Connecting the Dots we have had years of experience outside of the United States. What that means is we know what to expect and what will likely come next.

Much of this blog is devoted to politics in Thailand. Starting as far back as our fourth post ever way back in April 2008, we began to wade into Thailand politics simply because it was a creature all unto itself. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra who was removed in a coup in September 2006 became the center of Thailand’s problems simply because he refused to give up. Even to this day a decade later, Thailand is still divided much like America as Thaksin had several proxy governments doing his bidding.

Because of Thaksin’s populist policies that favored the poor undereducated Thais in the countryside, he managed to drive a wedge between his political base and the elite taking the country to the brink of civil war. So without saying much more on the issue, use keywords like Thailand politics and Thaksin to search out past entries. Behavior like demonizing the media and eliminating opposition all fit the behavior of Thaksin Shinawatra, and now Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of Thaksin.

The fact that words like Dictator are now being floated to describe Donald Trump is no surprise from our perspective. Dictators come into power gradually in most cases by immediately starting to erode opposition with their first orders. Driving a wedge and not uniting a country is also another behavior associated with dictators. So by gutting various government agencies and throwing others into reverse, that is the first blow from a sledge hammer driving that dividing wedge deeper.

As for what is coming next is very simple, To throw doubt into all media by propagating fake news to leave the opposition disorganized and without solid direction to make them weak. For the most part this is a military tactic to confuse the enemy. Another term that relates to this is ‘Mind Games’, and the effects are already obvious as the first chapters of the Dictators for Dummies book have already been implemented.

Fortunately for the United States the Constitution is strong and it has the ability to deal with want to be dictators. But in all cases, enough hanging rope must first be dispatched to insure a solid case to remove a want to be dictator from power.


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