Risk of Trump using nukes significant

Trump nuke head

It is increasingly apparent Donald Trump does not have a clue about being President of the United States. His comments, questions and behavior simply suggest his knowledge of what it takes came from assorted soundbites and TV clips. However his repeated question of ‘Why can’t we just nuke them?’ is by far the most disturbing.

It is becoming increasingly obvious to even the most dedicated Trump supporter that Trump is a bottom right man. What that means is when he is given something he looks at the bottom right corner where the final numbers are. Going up through each line item to see how that number was arrived at is obviously something he does not do. So when the question of why can’t we just nuke them is asked several times, plus the desire to grow the nuclear arsenal to be able to destroy the planet a few more times for good measure suggests immature thinking and understanding.



So the desire to get to the end point with the least amount of mental effort is an increasingly obvious repeated behavior. Also as people with narcissism usually don’t listen to others as in their minds they already know everything. So by regularly floating the nuke option, it says he is already giving serious thought to using them as first choice. Every other President who had the nuclear option has left that off the table and only to be used if all else failed. Fortunately there is plenty of other military options that will do the job, it is just they require more in-depth thinking and tweaking along the way.

Looking at what Trump has done so far suggest he prefers absolute answers. Deporting everyone to Mexico even if they are not Mexican is a simple fix and perhaps punishment for Mexico for not funding the border wall. The Muslim travel ban from seven countries that have never been linked to terrorism in the USA, and countries that have been linked to terrorism who just happen to have business connections to Donald Trump not included in the ban show the simplest of thinking and a the self-serving (bottom right) behavior is part of the thinking process.

So as past behavior makes it easy to extrapolate what will likely happen next, sending nukes to North Korea by air delivery simply because they seem to want them so bad is a high probability. With little or no information coming from inside North Korea, it makes it very easy to dehumanize a nuclear strike. With only the elite North Koreans in the city, there is no real loss in the simplest of thinking. Add to that a narcissist does not have the ability to empathize and you can start to think about finding your nearest fallout shelter.

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