All the pre-election warnings about Trump coming true

This is not meant to be an ‘I told you so’ entry about if Donald Trump is elected President. It is more about what do we do now seeing we did elect him President.

There is zero doubt that some people who voted for Donald Trump thought that Hillary Clinton was spewing a lie about what would happen if Donald Trump was elected. In fact there is zero doubt that warnings from mental health professionals were ignored simply because Government was broken, and people wanted change, and Donald Trump was perhaps a ‘Hail Mary’ attempt at fixing it. But instead of things getting better, things have clearly gone for the worse. What was a dysfunctional Government stuck in the mud because opposing ideologies had drifted further off center in opposite directions, to putting gasoline in that diesel engine hoping it would get out of the mud.

So now what we have, and we meaning not only Americans but everyone on the planet, is a narcissist who is simply programmed to be self-centered, lacks empathy for everyone, and is moving from democracy closer to dictatorship with each passing day.

We can list a few things that are obvious such as attacking the media calling it enemies of the people. The real issue is Donald Trump was able to successfully attack and defeat every other candidate for President by placing doubt about them because there was not sufficient debunking as it was every man for themselves during the election cycle. But the news media is not a single target and his attacks are backfiring. He has moved to exclude them from press briefings, and that is a signature of a dictator. Trying to pass it off as fake news seems the best he can do at the moment. However there is little doubt he will escalate, and that means he will start to strip rights where he can to silence his critics, and apply direct pressure to the journalist to shut him or her down.

There are other little things less talked about like the comedy skits on Saturday Night Live have at least for the moment disappeared from YouTube. We don’t know the reason why if it was pressure from the Whitehouse or if they were pulled for other reasons. Either way that also is another signature of a dictator to silence critics.

So now to the meat of what do we do now. In the simplest terms, Donald Trump must be given enough rope to hang himself and hope the Menckenisms of the US Constitution operate the gallows. But we can expect there to be some problems as already some of the checks and balances are being tampered with. We can’t be specific, but if you are good at reading between the lines, there are clearly things going on to apply pressure to key people.  Based on How Donald Trump operates, blackmail by fear of exposure to deliberately ruin someone’s reputation as he did during the elections makes the most sense. He has even openly joked about ruining people to get his way, and to read that statement means that option is clearly on the table. So if key people fear to act, then Donald Trump will have become a dictator and the only remaining answer would likely be a military coup.

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