The newest breed of American heroes Part 5


This hero comes across as a true patriot as one of his instinctual reactions is not to back down when his rights are being violated. It is his personal Alpha male style that tends to bring out the worst in the people who would look to violate his rights leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind who the bad guy really is.

If you have been following this series, you have seen a variety of styles that range from pretending to be passive and friendly to lure out the predatory behavior of bullies and tyrants, to getting in their face testing their restraint. In all cases, the auditors expose the bad apples in the bunch and ultimately remain in control simply by the huge supportive backlash that often comes in real-time as technology allows them to live stream. So you can imagine the police already getting calls before the auditor arrives at the police station to be processed, and then the police checking the bottom of their shoes to see what they just stepped in.

Dan has been working in the greater Philadelphia area and it is interesting to see how the local culture differs in each part of the country. In the northeast regulation and structure seems to be more prominent than other parts of the country, and this works to Dan’s advantage as he expects a certain standard of professionalism from officials he audits. Dan can be found at “Southeast Pa. Community Watch” on YouTube.


CTD: Where are you from?

SEPACW: Born in Wisconsin.  Adopted when I was 2 months old by loving, wonderful parents.  Moved to Pennsylvania when I was about 11 and have loved it ever since.


CTD: What type of education do you have?

SEPACW: Went to 12 years Catholic school, then off to college.


CTD: How long have you been doing this type of activism?

SEPACW: The type I do now, it has been over a year.  But I have always been involved and concerned about my community and how our public officials conduct themselves.  Growing up, I always had a drive and passion to hold our public officials accountable. My dad would tell me, just worry about what is in your control and not to worry about things you can’t control.  But then I told him, if I don’t try and help change America and the world for the better, who will?  So, off I went trying to change the world for the better.


CTD: What is your lifestyle like, married, single or whatever?

SEPACW: Been married to a beautiful, kind and understanding lady for decades.  Have one daughter and 3 sons.  Two are grown, done college and live on their own. The younger 2 are in high school.


CTD: As with every activist, there was some spark or if you prefer one of your buttons was pushed. Can you please take a moment to describe that motivational story.

SEPACW:  As I stated before, I have always had an issue with the way our government wastes money, doesn’t care for their constituents, and just fills their pockets with our money for their self-gain and sick greed.  The way they waste our taxes by bombing and killing innocent people overseas instead of spending it on better roads, schools, infrastructure, etc. to better America. The lies, the lack of doing what is right and needed for our country and local communities.  The lack of transparency, which is done on purpose, the disdain our government has for it citizens, the pain and suffering they cause to their fellow man is just sick, demented and mind boggling.  I don’t want those types of people in charge of making decisions.  But the main catalyst of why I started filming was an incident I had with my local police.  They wanted me to ID myself while filming their actions in public.  I stated not unless I am under arrest or being detained.  Well, they didn’t like that answer and pulled me from my car and pulled my ID from my pockets.  I didn’t like the way my rights were taken from me that day, so I filed a complaint with the local police.  A few days later, I got a letter from them stating, “We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong.”  SHOCKER !  That was the last straw.  All they had to do was state they were wrong and they would do more training, then they would have never seen me again.  But no, they had to lie and lock up everything to hide their illegal behavior.  So, I fought them to get copies of the police report and information on what they wrote about me in their report, but they locked it all up knowing what they wrote on the report would not match what I had on video.  So, I made them my new project.  For months after, I filmed my local police every chance I got.  Once I had them on the right track, I went onto the real criminals of the world, your “Federal Government.”


CTD: As with all auditors you are not doing this for yourself but instead for the community, and that makes you a hero. How does this make you feel?

SEPACW: I am no hero. I am just a fellow citizen who has had enough of the shootings, the killings, the beatings and the mass incarceration of victimless crimes to fill privately owned prisons.  Sick of the greed, the elite, the illegal actions of a rouge bunch of “untouchable” criminals.  It is all about greed and money.  I have studied the truth about America for decades. It is no longer a republic and is now a fake democracy.  America is a corporation.  This was done on purpose ( Look at and study the Act of 1871  – this is when America went from the original republic to an illegal corporation ), to crush the organic Constitution of the USA and take all our god given rights and change them into a corporation with policies, statutes and codes.  Congress sold America down the river after the civil war because it needed money.  I did not agree to any of that and I will not stand for it.


CTD: What does your family have to say about you being an activist?

SEPACW: I am actually ½ activist and ½ humanitarian.  I see all the videos and film of abuse from the authority figures against a person and I don’t know how a human can act against another human being is such a manner.  What is wrong with these types of people who can be fine with abusing another person and not care less about their fellow man ?  I could never treat another human or animal the way I see others ( police, judges, federal agencies, sheriffs, etc. ) treat them.  And I will always stand up to a bully and tyrant.  My family is fine with it and proud that I stand up to injustice to change the world for the better.  My kids see it as a way to better their future.  My daughter and youngest son like to go with me at times when we do 1st Amendment audits.  They also have had enough of the way this mafia corporation is turning against its citizens.  My family and friends were not surprised that I ran for president in 2016 as an independent so I could make real changes.


CTD: Do you get support from your friends?

SEPACW: 100%.  I have met so many new friends, other activists and people who share the same passion as I have since I started posting my videos.  There is a growing community of other patriots who want to stop the erosion of our civil rights and put America back onto the right track of freedom and prosperity.


CTD: Have you ever been in the military or in other service to the country?

SEPACW: No.  I did try and join the Navy after high school, but they wanted to shove me in a submarine and I told them I am so claustrophobic, I will jump out of my coffin when I die.  They were really pushing it and I wanted no parts of a sub, I said no thanks.  Glad I didn’t join knowing what I know now of this illegal corporation.  No son or daughter of mine will ever die fighting for a rouge form of government.  If only the populous knew the truth.  And the history we are taught in the government controlled schools is NOT the whole truth.  Ask yourself why there is a gold trim around the flag in court rooms and schools.  Ask yourself why your name is all CAPS on your SS card.  Ask why we try people in courts using Admiralty laws in Maritime courts, instead of common law courts.  There is a reason and it is not good.


CTD: Have you ever been employed in a manager position or had your own business?

SEPACW: Yes, all but my first job out of high school has been in a mangers role.


CTD: What places do you do your audits being geographical location and audit targets?

SEPACW: After I dealt with my local police and got them to act professionally, I have put my efforts into shinning the light on the cockroaches in the federal government.  Being close to Philadelphia, Pa., the birthplace of our rights, I travel to the city a lot due to there are many federal buildings there.  Unfortunately, most of the zombie employees that work in those buildings have no idea of the 1st Amendment or our rights in general.  I like going to different court houses, both county and federal, and educate them on our rights.  I have been to DC many times doing 1st Amendment audits at the Whitehouse and dealing with the secret service, FBI, illegal fusion centers and other agencies.  Besides 1st Amendment audits, I am very involved in my community by going to local township and school board public meetings and filming.  I hold my local township and school officials accountable for their actions and decisions.  The meetings are empty of concerned citizens and that is the reason these public officials can do what they want because not enough people are there to stand up, voice their opinions / concerns and hold the public official accountable. I even go and visit my state representatives and let them know how a taxpayer and constituent feels about their poor representation and their self-serving decision making.


CTD: Is your primary motivation to test or to teach officials during audits?

SEPACW: A little of both.  I go first to test and see if they will uphold the oath these officials took to service the public.  Once I see they could care less about their oath or our rights, I turn it into an educational seminar and hope these oath breakers learn.  But from what I have seen and experienced, most will never care because all they want is a pay check and will do only what they are told to do, right or wrong.  Sad.  So, I out them and hope, someday, they will understand and do the right thing.  I will not hold my breath waiting.


CTD: Your approach to doing audits is distinctly different and perhaps a less casual approach best describes it. You approach audits as expecting a certain standard of professionalism much the same as an employer would of their employees. There is minimal interpersonal interaction as with other auditors who prefer the casual approach. Can you please elaborate about this and why you approach things this way.

SEPACW: I usually approach my audits in the same manner.  I have a purpose and will not let anyone sway me from the reason I am there.  I do expect my “employees” ( public officials and public employees ) to hold a higher standard since they have the authority.  When I see that given authority abused, I take action.  They are our servants, and I remind them of it regularly, we pay for their salaries and the service they provide and I will demand excellence from every one of them.  If and when I see the opposite, I will get right to the point and then take action.  I have no time for a lot of BS from whiners and law breakers and will let them know it.


CTD: Do you work as a team when doing audits, or do you prefer going solo and why?

SEPACW: I use to go by myself most of the time due to others were not available when I was or I saw something I needed to film at that time.  And, for a long time, I had no issue with going it alone.  Until the last few times I went to Philadelphia with no back up, I ended up in handcuffs for filming on a public sidewalk.  The first time the federal criminals let me go but not after they stole my camera and memory card because they wanted to hide their illegal actions against me that night.  They never did ID themselves so I have a video of me going looking for them with wanted posters I made up.  Since then, I make sure I have others with me and that we are live streaming to the cloud.

CTD: As with all auditors, you do run into the entire spectrum of people with some that know their job and the law, and others on an ego power trip who look to trample on your rights. Can you please talk about a few that stick out both bad and good and what the eventual outcome was?

SEPACW: I went to the federal prison in Philadelphia to film a 1st Amendment audit.  I had prison guard call the city police.  They did show up, but once I told them to go away and leave me alone, they were butt hurt but understood the law and left me alone. For the many times I have filmed in the city, and I do have the police called on me most of the time I film, the Philadelphia police do the right thing and leave me alone due to I am not breaking any law.  So, it is good that they follow the law in that aspect.  Most places I have done audits, employees will come out to see what is going on, but once I explain to them what I am doing, they go away ( with a little help from me letting them know the law ).  Others like the non-federal reserve and my state rep will never learn no matter how hard we try to educate.  I have visited both places a few times and the interaction gets worse, not better due to their ego, care less attitude and a serious lack of understanding our rights.  Those type of idiots think they are better then you and I and show a lot of hate and contempt for people that stand up for our rights.


CTD: In our phone conversation you talked about giving what you get. If you are offered respect you reciprocate with mutual respect. the same is true if you are disrespected in that you match and return the same. Certainly this can escalate the situation as abusers hate to be challenged. Can you please give one example that sticks out in your mind where the abuser went the extra mile to trample on your rights.

SEPACW: Sure.  Just see my video of the last time I went to the non-federal reserve building in Philadelphia  It shows just what you are asking me.  We started off with a nice conversation with the few guards that came out to harass us but we still kept the conversation polite and proper.  All was fine and respectful until their SGT. came out to boss us around, tell us we need to go across the street to film, get off their public sidewalk and nonsense like that.  Well, bullies and tyrants like that don’t sit well with me and I will let them know that.   I advised the moronic bully to leave us alone and go back onto their own property. Since we were on public property the whole time and he had no authority in public, I educated him about the law and told him to leave us alone.  Now, since I said no and stood up for our rights, that made this bully baby mad and he kept escalating the situation.  He would get real close, block our movement and then assaulted and battered me.  I will never allow someone like that to touch me or boss me around, so I got close to him and all hell broke loss.  They jumped me, handcuffed me, called the city police, who showed up, said I did nothing wrong, and they left.  The SGT was so bitter, he kidnapped me by putting me in one of their private cars, drove around the city until they found a police station to charge me with assault ( which by the way I was never charged with, just trespass on a public sidewalk ) which was dropped.  They had the cuffs on for so long and so tight that it caused my wrists to bleed bad enough they had to put me back into their private car and drive me to a hospital to have my wounds treated.  Then back to the police station where it took over 12 hours to book and release me from a false detainment and false arrest.  Talk about an abuser who went the extra mile to trample on my rights, this idiot is the poster boy.  We now have a civil rights law suit against him and the non-federal reserve ( I say non federal reserve because they are not a federal agency and are as federal as FedEx ).


CTD: Do you engage in swearing at the police and flipping them off if the situation calls for it?

SEPACW: I usually do not.  I try and carry myself respectfully, but there has been times were a curse word would come out of my mouth to let them know I am serious and don’t take kindly to their lies and bully tactics.  But, again, I show respect when I get respect.  And sometimes, I do not get the professionalism they need to show at all times when dealing with the public and at that point, I will let them know they are acting inappropriately.  I try not to get worked up and curse.  It is not beneficial to either party involved.  But, just remember, we DO have the right to curse and give them the middle finger if one wanted too, but that is not me.


CTD: What about taking the high road approach and dazzle them with logic and citing laws. We know this has zero effect on corrupt cops because they really don’t care, but how about the others that just may lack training?

SEPACW: I do know the laws and remind the public employees of them when warranted.  Terry v. Ohio, certain US title 18 codes, etc., but I also carry with me, copies of the FPS and DHS memos about it being legal to film public buildings from a public space and hand them out to those who have no idea of their own policies.  It is better to be versed on laws if one is going to do what we do.  Many officers know the law but will step all over it if they want to because they know nothing will happen to them and they will not get reprimanded for their bad and illegal actions. If a law suit arises from their illegal actions, the taxpayers are the ones holding the bill.  I want the law changed so the officer is responsible for their actions.  One issue is the police unions are so strong, it will take a lot of pressure for this to change.  That is why we do what we do, so maybe we can make change for the better and hold the real criminals accountable, not the taxpayers.


CTD: Often when you encounter police they do what can be best called a tactical surround when some are standing behind you so you can’t possibly see all of them in your field of view. There is no doubt this is meant to intimidate you into submission. How would you deal with this and other forms of intimidation?

SEPACW:  Funny part is I never get intimidated by these types of bullies.  I have been surrounded many times by multiple police / sheriffs / federal goons / private security and not one has made me submit to their cowardly words or actions.  I am their boss and they will learn that the easy way or the hard way.  It is always up to them.  I will never back down and will always stand for our rights.  Know your rights and laws and you will never be afraid to do the right thing.


CTD: How do you deal with cops that lie?

SEPACW: By calling them out and letting them know they are a liar.  Then proving they are lying by citing their policies and statues.  They will be belligerent and not agree with you calling them a liar, but that is their problem. Sometimes, by calling them out on the lie, they get upset and will escalate the situation hoping you do something stupid they can arrest you for.  Stay calm, assert your rights and never, ever answer their questions.


CTD: Part of auditing the police is the risk of getting arrested by a tyrant cop who has zero respect for your rights. Has this ever happened to you?

SEPACW: I have never been arrested for anything in my life because I do not break their rules, policies or statues.  I use them against them and it is great to do it.  Now, I was falsely arrested in December of 2016 by those pesky private security guards from the non-federal reserve, but their very illegal actions will cost them dearly.  I am not afraid to be arrested because I know what I do and how I do it is completely legal and any arrest stemming for my legal activities will bring about a law suit.  If you are going to poke at the biggest criminal bear in the world, you should expect some form of retaliation.  And that still won’t stop me from doing the right thing.


CTD: Clearly you can find yourself in a situation that you could receive a substantial financial settlement for having your rights violated. How do you think the public sees this, meaning is this seen more as a reward for you or a punishment for those who violated you?

SEPACW: A punishment for those who violate me or anyone’s rights.  I don’t care what others feel or think about me.  I know who I am and what I am.  I do this because I have this drive to hold public employees accountable for their actions.  I have this innate drive that has followed me my whole life.  Any reward I would receive from any law suit I may win will be donated to a charity of my choosing.  I do NOT do this for money or fame.  That is the last thing I want.  I do it out of a drive and passion in my soul to stop insane actions of those we put in charge.  We have some very sick and deranged people in higher positions who think they can do what they want with our money and are untouchable.  Not on my watch!


CTD: Have you ever encountered abusers who held a grudge and looked to single you out after the initial contact?

SEPACW: No.  I have not come across such a sick and mentally ill “employee” yet.  But if I do, he will hear it from me and I will make sure the world knows of this person and their actions.  I did have an issue with a local police officer, who was so mad at me for shinning a light on his bad behavior.  He tried to make me out as a bad guy to his fellow officers.  Well, I put that to bed by showing his chief and Capt. videos of his bad behavior and what he said.  After the video proof was shown, they knew who the real liar is / was.  I have never been bothered by this officer again.


CTD: Looking at police only, what do you see the percentage breakdown as between good and bad cops?

SEPACW: Depends on the severity of good and bad.  In my eyes, there really are no “good” cops because when is the last time a cop arrested another cop ?  There may be a few cops that think they are good cops, but their definition of good is different than my definition.  If a cop wants to be considered good and professional, they would have to arrest the cops they know are breaking their laws.  And we all know that is something we barely, if ever, hear about.  So, how can one think they are a “good” cop when they see and know of criminal activities being done by their fellow officer’s right in front of their eyes and do nothing about it?  That is not good to me.  Just because a cop doesn’t shot and kill everyone he comes in contact with, doesn’t make him a good officer.  Just because they feel good about their actions and try to help others at times, still does not make them a good cop.  Just because an officer may follow some policies and does not follow others, does not make him a good cop.  When they start arresting or stopping known criminal actions by their fellow officers, then there will be good cops.  I will not hold my breath waiting.


CTD: Other auditors have said they see lack of training as part of the problem. Do you see this as well?

SEPACW: Sure.  Everywhere I do audits.  Training is key.  The problem is there is a lack of training and not one of them cares about it.  So few in charge care about what their citizenry says or wants.  A slave citizen can’t tell the almightiest what to do or how to act.  Are you nuts?  And so the problem continues.


CTD: Looking beyond cops to federal employees and private security, do you see similar numbers?

SEPACW: Yep.  You will never see a “good” federal employee.  Not one.  They are there just for the paycheck.  They care nothing about rights, citizens or doing the right thing at all times.  We see it 100 times a day, their disdain and hatred for their fellow American is sad and sickening.  Show me the opposite and I will change my mind.  You won’t!  They will say they are upstanding and feel good about themselves all day, but in the end, we know the truth.


CTD: Many auditors do research as to where property lines and public easements are before they go out. Do you do this or just do rule of thumb looking for public utilities as a guide?

SEPACW: I will do research when warranted.  But usually it is a no brainer knowing the boundaries.


CTD: Do you apply the same when going into public areas of buildings to audit?

SEPACW: My thoughts are there are no boundaries when going into a building WE own.  If it is a public building, all areas are open to the public, right?  One would think so, but this corporation has enacted “polices” that state you are not allowed in certain areas. I have done many videos of court houses, in where they tell me when I first walk in with the cameras rolling, I am not allowed to video tape.  I push the subject and have been allowed to film inside the court house when I make a stand.  So, that just goes to prove that their policies do not trump the law and truth.  I will obey some of their wishes just so I won’t be arrested and then have to defend myself.  Pick and choose your battles.


CTD: Some auditors have taken to having copies of laws on them to teach the offending officials, while others just argue the point that what they are doing is protected by law. What approach makes the most sense to you and why?

SEPACW: Like I stated in an earlier question, I do take copies of laws and decisions made to show the offending officer.  Sometimes it helps, most times they could care less.  Either way, it depends how far the offending officer wants to push it.  Most push it all their way knowing what they do, how they act and what they say will never get them in trouble.  They are all protected by immunity and shielded by their illegal policies, procedures and statues.  We have seen many videos of auditors stating law and policy to an offending officer and that officer could care less.  That is a huge problem.


CTD: What advice would you offer to new auditors who look to also hold the government accountable?

SEPACW: Know their policies and statues.  The organic constitution most think we still have is gone.  Your illegal government will use every trick in their demented book to lock you up.  This corporation does not like to loss and does not like people shinning a light on them and holding them accountable.  It can be dangerous, scary and frustrating.  Know you will be falsely arrested someday for standing up and saying no.  Know you will spend a lot of money defending false charges.  Know you will be put on some sort of “list” that this corporation loves to shove their slaves onto.  Know that you will spend a lot of time and efforts trying to change a monster that will not bend easily or at all.  And do it for the love of your fellow man and country.  Many will not have what it takes to do this regularly and to keep pushing.  But we all need to be out there as a huge group and then change may come.


CTD: How do you think things will change with Donald Trump being President?

SEPACW: Don’t really know.  I do know Trump was left with the biggest mess anywhere.  He has a lot of hills to climb and with all the Obama left overs trying their hardest to sink Trump, He will be challenged.  He is a strong person and it is about time we had a business man in charge instead of a paid for puppet.  Time will tell, I do wish him the best because he will need it.


CTD: What specific state laws work to your advantage as an auditor?

SEPACW: I do like the Pennsylvania Right To Know laws.  They have been helpful when I do open record requests.  But, they also have policies that lock up to much information, which is criminal in itself.  ALL RECORDS should be open to the public.  Taxpayers pay for all the employees and information they produce, so why wouldn’t we have 100 % access to all information ?   We all know those in charge have way too much to hide so they do lock it up and hide it well.  Transparency is a thing of the past and I am working hard to reverse that.


CTD: Do you see yourself as a community leader?

SEPACW: No.  I have been asked to run for office many times, but haven’t had the time yet.  But, now I do have some extra time and will be running for a local position either at my township or school board this year.  I see myself as someone who has seen enough illegal activity by the ones in charge, that I could not stand by and allow it to continue any longer.  This includes my local township, my local school district, the state government and the federal government.  I lead by example and those that want to follow can and those who don’t, get out of my way because I am on a mission to get rid of the bad apples that surround us in every aspect of life.


CTD: How often do you have Joe public coming up to you and say that you can’t record even when you can?

SEPACW: Too often and that is why we record what we do and show the audits to the world for others to see the truth about our rights and how to stand up to protect the few we have left.


CTD: How do they respond when you point out what you are doing?

SEPACW: Some are interested and will stay to listen and learn.  Most run in fear and call the cops because this corporation has purposely brained washed the weak and feeble minded into thinking crazy things.  See something, say something should really be used against the real criminals like the CIA and other federal agencies who murder and steal on a daily basis.


CTD: Have you ever been interviewed by local media as a result of an audit?

SEPACW: Not by the local media, but have done interviews on blogs and other internet sites and shows.  The media is bought and paid for by this corporation and I want no parts of their bias, fake news.


CTD: Are you seeing any fruits from your activism and if so where?

SEPACW: Yes.  My local police have been very professional now that they know I am shinning a light on their daily activities.  It is sad we have to force change by shaming the actions of bad employees, instead of people living by the oath they swore to uphold.  Most public employees are just there for a paycheck and could care less about anything else.  Too many in charge are self-serving.  Just look at all the politicians for a great example of this.


CTD: Have you ever received an apology from someone that did you wrong?

SEPACW: Many times, but NEVER by a public employee. They don’t need to apologize for their actions because no one is holding them accountable on their end.  Those idiots just roll up into a ball and hide until the heat is off them.  Then right back at it with their condescending attitudes and care less work habits.


CTD: What type of equipment do you use for your audits?

SEPACW: I, unfortunately, use an older 480P video cam.  I haven’t really had extra money to go purchase and update my equipment.  So the quality is a little outdated.  Almost like 90’s porn I have been told.


CTD: What things would you address that are not part of this interview?

SEPACW: Not much.  The 40 question really did cover quite a bit of what I do and why I do it.  Thank you for allowing me a platform to inform others about the truth and why we need to protect our rights.


There is almost no need to summarize this interview as Dan’s passion is very obvious. One of the brightest points about people like Dan is they make change on a wholesale level. What that means is although at the moment they are standing up for their rights during an audit. But the eventual outcome benefits everyone as the chances of the rights of others being violated is reduced or eliminated by the same violators and their associates. Because of that, we offer our highest praise, the Shining Star.


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