Google vs Connecting the Dots Part 15

After waiting over 4 months to see what Google would do, we decided to send a reply to them. But as it would be when we went to look for the tool to do that, it was no place to be found.


In our last go-round with Google, they had provided a popup saying that we were in violation and gave us the option on responding to them about the fix. But not this time. Despite looking at every corner of our AdSense interface, nothing. So this left us to think about what had happened on Google’s end.


Since Part 14 was posted, we have noticed several design changes on a variety of Google products. For example YouTube has experimented with no less than 3 changes in that time. Also our AdSense page has changed again as well. so that left us the possibility that we simply don’t know where to look. But then again last time it jumped right out at us with a banner at the top of our page no matter where we went in the AdSense interface. So that itself suggests they either backed off, or Google’s left hand was watching what the right hand was doing.


So this left us to think about what had happened. Below are the possible options we came up with.


  • The overly sensitive auditors got punished once again for sending out a violation warning without checking the history. That History is documented in this series.
  • The overly sensitive auditors decided to travel more than 100 miles from their home and noticed things are not the same.
  • Google management discovered the violation was triggered by the word Ladyboy and not the photo in question, and that is a violation of a number of laws in the United States. Meaning Google’s auditor has an issue with Ladyboys.
  • There was some sort of automation put in place and or an upgrade to software to limit false flags.


We could go on and on with this, but you get the idea that Google is trying to correct a wrong with out as much as a peep to the world that they were ever wrong. So for now it seems that there are no issues even after 130+ days from their last insult on Thailand. So will there be a Part 16 of this series?  Unfortunately the odds are yes on that next installment.


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