Women using sex as leverage coming to an end

The days of women using sex as leverage seem to be coming to an end, and that is not by the choice of women. Advancements in technology is in the process of providing men with option ‘B’ to take care of their sexual needs imposed by nature. To say that will have an influence on the structure of society is simply an understatement.

Technology in the simplest of terms can be seen as a Lego brick. Combining various technologies creates a product be it the latest smart phone, to the latest hi tech weapon of war. So sooner or later every aspect of human pampering will be provided by some device whether it is a smart shower that knows exactly what water temperature you like, to a bed that automatically adjust while you sleep. Someplace between those two is a robot designed to tend to sexual needs.

It is important to understand the state of this technology. Where it is now is miles past an inflatable sex doll, but is still far away from replacing women all together. Where it is however is at an acceptable level where genuine interaction with an artificial intelligence (AI) starts to bridge the gap. What is lacking so far is automation beyond adjusting vaginal tightness. Being able to interact with moving arms and legs is almost there but not yet. But at the rate technology is progressing, that looks to be a standard feature before 2035.


Social Impact

Understanding what social impact this will have is actually very easy. When the ability of women to use sex as leverage to get what they want is removed, society will adjust. A modern day example of this is Thailand. Thai Women have learned that if she withholds sex from a man, he can be having sex with another women inside an hour or two. The realization that she is not the only flower in the field can be very sobering.

When women from other countries were sex is not so much part of the culture try withholding sex from their man while in Thailand, their discovery it does not work may cause them to make other threats such as divorce. With that said, if a man is given a choice to divorce a women who frequently withholds sex in exchange for women who thrive on sex, the threat is  really not much of a threat at all when you consider nature is the driving force behind sexual desire. Men may simply look at it as replacing a defective component with one that works.

The result in Thailand is relationships have a much stronger bond when negatives are replace with positives. Thai women know that to keep their men out of the arms of other women, they must satisfy all needs of a relationship with positives and not negatives. That in turn makes men want to reciprocate with the exception of men who are low quality who are best sent packing anyway. In the end it is a win-win for everyone as better matching couples tend to be the outcome.

The fact that the percentage of infidelity in Thailand is amongst the highest in the world, having sex with a robot seems better than having sex with another woman. From a health standpoint, the chances of spreading a STD are reduced to zero, and stress and anxiety from sexual deprivation is also greatly reduced.

Sex robots are not only for men, there are sex robots that are designed to tend to the sexual needs of women as well and they go well past a plugin vibrator like the Hitachi Magic Wand that is seen in more porn movies than any other accessory. The bottom line is when a monopoly is removed, things just get better for the consumer.

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