2017 in review

Perhaps 2017 is best called the year of denial. Ignoring known facts and pushing forward with political fantasies that amount to pointing the Titanic towards a head on collision with that big chunk of ice.

It is difficult not to look at 2017 without rolling your eyes. To think 10 years from now we can look back and ask ourselves what were we thinking, and how ever did we not catch ourselves. America and Russia elected Donald Trump as Putin clearly thinks Trump is a weapon that can be used on America. North Korea seems to be on a death wish march pushing to be ground zero for several megatons of nuclear bombs. That is not to mention completely ignoring undisputed scientific findings and replacing them with the thought process of a dung beetle.

There were some significant setbacks one of which is then end of Net Neutrality. Despite over 80% of the people wanting to preserve it, a single person with power to remove it did so and even tried to make it look like it was the popular decision. As soon as that happened, Las Vegas started taking bets on just how long he would last before his obituary was published.

In other parts of the world, creating instability seems to be the theme where the power of a few override the commonsense of the many, but that all comes down to understanding this is the effect of that first bad domino that was empowered.

In other words 2017 was all about going backwards, and that can be best described as what happens when your toilet clogs and overflows. At some point it will need to be cleaned and sanitized, but by then what people have been trying to stop will have been accelerated and land masses will be smaller as well as seeing the start of reversal of population growth in places that are most vulnerable to a pissed off Mother Nature.

So as 2016 was be careful what you wish for as you just may get it, 2017 was the discovery of that wish.

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