Whiffs of US civil war on the horizon Part 3

As time continued it was becoming much more obvious the police were changing. There was less and less of protecting the people and more and more of controlling the people.

The police even created their own flag that desecrated the American flag. It was marketed as the thin blue line flag, but over time it true meaning became obvious as the Police state flag. This is no different than the Confederate flag of the south and the banner of us vs them.

In yet another example of the police exerting control that raises a few eyebrows is police unions. Typically unions collect dues from its members to operate. Dues are expected in return for some protection against abusive employers. People that are not members of a union do not need to pay. In example a spouse of a union member does not pay union dues. There are no tax incentives to donate to a union so it is a no brainer people would not donate unless there was some benefit.

But when it comes to police unions, they are very different in that people regularly donate to police unions. It has become such an industry that there are events people can go to just to pay money. After you contribute they will provide you stickers you can put on your car and home that identified the year you contributed.

Now seeing that it is human nature to not spend money unless there is some benefit, you begin to understand what this donation is all about. This is simply paying to not be harassed. If the police pull you over that sticker on your car could change a ticket into a warning. If this sounds exactly like a mafia shakedown for protection money, you would be right.

The police hold all the cards. There is plenty of evidence that shows police will pull people over for the most trivial of reasons, search cars, and arrest people. On the same logic they let some people go who are clearly doing wrong. The understanding here is not to bite the hand that feeds. This is not how things are meant to work. Police should only interact with people if there is a crime and not conduct fishing expeditions looking for reasons to do something negative to people. It is bad enough municipalities count on revenue from police stops and work that income into their budget.

There is plenty more about the police and more than enough to create several entries, but this series is not about that. This series is about things that are driving towards a civil war. But perhaps civil war is the wrong description and may be the second domino. Perhaps the word revolution is a better descriptor.

So between the government doing its level best to know everything about you, and the police openly abusing people and doing shakedowns, the breaking point is coming. This is not what the founding fathers had in mind. In fact this is why the pilgrims set sail in 1620 fleeing this tyranny.

The founding fathers did not want this to happen and they built into the US Constitution the means to put tyranny in check if it ever was to start to infest the country. That check is the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is all about people’s right to bear arms and have militias meant to take power back and restore it with the people. So if a revolution does not do the trick, then upgrading to a civil war will. It is not Americans vs Americans, it is Americans vs a Government that has gone south and stepped over the line.




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