Anti-vaxxers losing sex life

When people think about Covid, rarely do they think about the lingering damage it does to the body. However when young otherwise health and sexually active people discover they no longer have the stamina to get to the top of the mountain, you can imagine how quickly their view of Covid changes.

It is common for people with lung damage to lose stamina in just about everything, and people associate that with lung cancer or the result of long term smoking. However people don’t make that connection with Covid until too late. Those same problems happen in days and not years. The people that have lingering lung damage from Covid, suddenly realize what they have lost very shortly after a romp in the bed starts.

In many cases this is much worse based on one simple thing. These people are still young and have the strong sexual urges of youth. The fading sexual urges associated with age and declining Testosterone levels have not happen as yet. That not only causes emotional trauma, but it very quickly can lead to suicidal depression for people whose sex life is front and center for them.

Even women suffering from the same lingering damage of Covid experience sexual issues. The increased breathing and heart rate start to tax whatever energy reserves they have. That is true even if they are not in the dominant position during sex. That also forces them to stop long before they finish.

It goes without saying that the worse Covid is for a person, the greater the chances the same can happen to them. It also goes without saying the surviving anti-vaxxers get Covid much worse than people who took the jab. So risking giving up your sex life becomes part of the rewards of not getting vaccinated.

Ironically this all fits nicely into Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. In this case not only physically fit, but fitness in knowledge as well. As for people who are tricked into thinking Covid vaccine is harmful, nature very quickly prunes them from the gene pool by either killing them or stopping procreation.

Stepping back a bit to get a wider field of view, there is not much news coverage on what people are experiencing with long term health problems caused by Covid. A quick search on Google reports 80% of people experience long term effects.

The same is true about people having a relapse two months after the initial infection and ending up in the obituary column. This is because Covid has done something else to the body that takes that much time to become apparent.

Many of the anti-vaxxers reading this will have their doubts because they have been convinced there is no merit. But if you stop and think about the last time they saw someone with breathing problems doing anything to exert themselves physically, the truth becomes obvious. They will quickly connect the dots that wherever breathing problems come from, the results on physical activity remain constant. Having sex most certainly qualifies as physical exertion.

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